WET-HEAT: specifications

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When performing the WTO, as with other types of treatment, it is necessary to observe the technical terms and rules that allow to achieve a good result at minimum cost...

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WET-HEAT WORK: Terminology

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Terminology wet-thermal papers, given below, is determined by the GOST 20521-75. Prutivka - reducing the thickness of the seam, the edge of part for Example: pritority the collar, lapel Razoruzhenie - folding...

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WET-HEAT: the Rules of the organization Ironing workplace

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The working surface (1) Ironing table as well as swivel pads to handle individual sections of the products (2) covered with a clean cloth. Iron (3) are connected by electric...

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WET-HEAT WORK: the nature, objectives, parameters, methods

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Under wet-heat treatment (WTO or VTR) garments understand special processing of a part moisture, heat and pressure using special equipment. The objectives of the WTO: giving smoothness;...

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WET-HEAT Equipment for the WTO

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When performing the WTO uses the following equipment: press , used for various time-consuming operations, the wet-heat treatment. The use of presses can significantly increase the...

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The concept of adhesive strips

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The gasket is an additional layer of material affixed to the underside of the piece of main fabric and keeps its shape, the shape of the collar, cuffs, belt, cushions...

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Rules of selection of the adhesive strips

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Despite the fact that foreign manufacturers of adhesive materials, usually accompany their products sets the technical characteristics of the adhesive pads of various articles and practical recommendations for their application...

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Other types of adhesive materials for tissue

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In addition to the adhesive strips in the manufacture of clothing are used: 1. hot glue edging materials are pre-cut out of adhesive material strips of a width of...

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Equipment and parameters for bonding the fabric

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The bonding process may be performed on garment presses. Their design allows you to adjust the temperature, pressure and time parameters that significantly affect the quality of the...

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Treatment tucks

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Tuck in sewing products are used to ensure conformance of the product in the waist area, providing three-dimensional form on the convexity of the chest, shoulder blades, and so on...

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Handling valves

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The quality of finish and functional elements of the sewing goods are often used items such as valves, leaflets, PATA, shoulder straps, plastiki, belt, cuffs, and belt loops. The following...

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Processing coquettes

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Coquette (cutting parts with a horizontal cutting line) used in the models of clothes are stitched and unfastened. A stitched yoke prisoedinyaetsya in different ways depending on the configuration of...

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Processing of the leaf

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The leaves are the part used in processing, slit pocket, fixed on three sides. Leaves often cut in a rectangle with B. O. B. in the middle...

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Treatment cuffs

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Cuffs are items of clothing used for decoration of the bottom of the sleeves. Cuff can be stitched and tselnokrajnie sleeve, turn-down and ordinary. In the men's and children's...

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Handling belts and belt loops

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When processing long belts for screwing out after grinding can leave a hole about 7-10 cm in the midline longitudinal cut. This hole zastrahovatsja in the finishing stitches. When...

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HANDMADE: introductory

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When performing actions with fabrics, knitwear, non-woven cloths and leather to create garments, bags, textile interior items or toys, there are three kinds of jobs: hand, machine and wet-heat. ...

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HANDMADE: Terminology

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"...swear professionally..." Specialist differs from the Amateur is not only the presence and skills in their field, but the degree of ownership specific to that area language. The use of...

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Tools and accessories for sewing

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Tools and accessories required to perform manual work, can be represented as circuits. The conditional pattern - so many craftsmen even invented the ring with a knife, and...

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HANDMADE: Principles of workplace organization

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The organization of the workplace to perform manual work depends on how often you plan to perform such work, and how much space there is in the presence of masters...

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HANDMADE: safety

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When performing manual work follows: be careful when working with cutting and piercing objects; store the pins in a certain place (in a special pillow, box); to carry out work on the implementation...

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HANDMADE: Straight stitches

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Straight stitches, and this is evident from the name, apparently represent the successive periods of the same line. According to the classification they include: a running, copying, basting, zametnye, vymetaya...

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HANDMADE: Slanting stitches

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When performing oblique stitches in the place of stitch visible row of inclined to the direction of the run of segments parallel to each other or under a certain angle...

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HANDMADE: loop-like stitches

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In the section of loop-like stitches resemble a loop. To the loop-like stitches include: bridging, marking, blind stitch hidden, uspeshnye copy. Bridging loop-shaped stitches are used for permanent connection...

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HANDMADE: Cross stitch stitches

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Phillips and looped stitches - probably the most popular types of stitches for novice seamstresses after a running straight, at least the principles of their implementation are still on the...

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HANDMADE: Quilting for sewing accessories - General information

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Using hand stitches, you can sew on buttons, hooks and loops, buttons, and perform curly and straight bar tack and thread loops. This article will deal with buttons. Cutters divide...

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HANDMADE: Quilting for sewing accessories - flat buttons

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Attaching flat buttons with 2 holes is as follows: 1.The proposed location of the buttons. To do this, put a dot or a cross on the front side of...

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HANDMADE: Quilting for sewing accessories - spherical buttons

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Buttons on the leg or spherical buttons is no less popular in clothing than flat buttons. Some people think that they are only used in outerwear: coats, raincoats, jackets...

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HANDMADE: Quilting for sewing accessories - buttons Popovica

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Let us recall the picture from childhood: come from a hill, covered in snow, roll, tired, and in the hallway when the light detects that there is no bottom buttons...

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HANDMADE: Quilting for sewing accessories, hooks, loops and buttons

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Despite the development of techniques and technologies, the invention of textile braid and other hooks, loops and buttons remain popular and very in demand in certain types of clothes along...

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HANDMADE: Quilting for sewing accessories, straight and curly tack, cotton loop

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The direct tie is used for strengthening the ends of the slots of the hinges, giving the reliability of the pockets for decorative purposes. Curly clips put at the end...

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HANDMADE: specifications

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As already seen from the classification of hand stitches, all the stitches they are divided into permanent and temporary assignments. Here are some of the General technical conditions (THAT) apply...

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HANDMADE: Classification of hand stitches

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General classification of hand stitches represented in the diagram. The chart shows that the group of stitches stand out in appearance (except the last one - to...

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HANDMADE: Some useful information

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Speed depends largely on the rationality of the processes of implementing some of the actions that can be considered as a component of operations or types of work. We present...

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MACHINE WORK: introductory

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Experts and manufacturers distinguish 2 groups of sewing machines: designed for industrial use and household sewing machines. About consumer will not speak: on taste and color friend no. Moreover...

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HANDMADE: Exercises to consolidate knowledge and skills for lovers

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Combine business with pleasure!!;) Before you perform manual work on serious and complex products, you can workout by making Souvenirs and simple and nice household items and textile items...

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HANDMADE: Exercises to consolidate knowledge and skills in the training of seamstresses and tailors

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Actually do exercises to consolidate knowledge and skills and testing techniques perform manual work can be divided into 2 parts: for future professionals (presented below) and for the real fans...

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MACHINE WORK: Terminology

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Terminology machine works, given below, is determined by the GOST 20521-75. Stitch - single element of a structure obtained during thread processing method between the two punctures of the...

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For safe operation on the sewing machine or the machine must: Before starting, make sure of serviceability of the equipment – checking the quality of the contact socket...

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MACHINE WORK: Principles of workplace organization

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Workstation using universal and special sewing machine is as follows: Industrial table 1 with individual electric drive fixed head sewing machine 2. On the smooth surface of the...

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MACHINE WORK: Connecting seams

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Description connecting joints will be made in the manner specified by the classification in the following form: the name of the scheme or section, example applications, a description of the...

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MACHINE: Edge seams

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The order of the description of the edge seams will be the same as connecting: the name of the scheme or section, example applications, a description of the execution process...

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MACHINE WORK: Finishing joints

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Finishing seams - the last of the 3 identified groups of joints (according to classification). We will describe similar and connecting boundary: the name of the scheme, the process of...

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MACHINERY: Classification of machine seams

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One of the most detailed sets of classifications GOST 12807-2003. Sewing. Classification of stitches, lines and seams. The following is a version of the classification easier. Under this option...

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MACHINE WORK: Some useful information

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When using a sewing machine (lockstitch duntocher) you should know some tricks or little secretsthat can greatly simplify the task and get a good end result - a smooth line...

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Of the MACHINE: Technical specifications

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The most General rules, there are technical conditions for the execution of machinery works, as follows: 1. The number of threads, machine needles and the frequency of stitching when doing...

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Repair: the used fabrics and materials

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Repaired clothing depending on the degree of deterioration can be subjected to small, medium and large repair (see table below). As additional finishing materials used leather (genuine and faux), suede...

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Methods of repair: mending

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Darning is used when repairing products in embroidery and has several varieties. The easiest way - threads interlacing at right or oblique angle. First along the contour of the suture...

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MACHINE WORK: Exercises to consolidate knowledge and skills in the training of seamstresses and tailors

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When learning the techniques of operating the sewing machine and how the machine stitches it is possible to allocate following stages: Step 1. Goal: learn to work...

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Repair: General information

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Consumer services of the population by making clothes along with tailoring new products provide services for repair of garments. The repair not only eliminate worn areas, but also try to...

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Methods of repair: stykovka

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To stockout in different ways depending on the magnitude of the damage and type of material. Dyed in the drape (without a pattern, stripes or cells) damage width to 0...

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Methods of repair: performance patches

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When connecting the patches with the product in any way necessary to monitor the alignment of the warp threads for the details and patch and fit the pattern on them...

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General information

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Reduced mannequin. Reduced training mannequin is manufactured in accordance with the dummy model figure. It is a reduced copy of a proportionally composed of a female figure with a...

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