The wrap skirt

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The pattern of this skirt is performed to pattern the straight skirt. Take a straight skirt pattern (see figure 65) and transfer it to a sheet of paper to obtain...

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Skirt with back pleat

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Parallel to the line of the middle of the rear cloth skirts (figure 75) draw a straight line indicating the depth of folds is equal to 8-10 cm For one-sided...

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The skirt is slightly flared

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This skirt retains classic lines. In the example (figure 74) shows the slight expansion of the skirt. On the front and rear panels of the skirt lines of the side...

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The skirt is narrowed

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Skirt, slightly narrowed downward, is considered a classic, as fashion it is repeated periodically. Translate the drawing straight skirts on a sheet of paper (figure 72). From each side line...

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Skirt without side seams

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Skirt without side seams convenient when you use fabric with stripes or plaid, as the fit of the cells or stripes on the side seams is sometimes a big difficulty...

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Straight skirt

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If the skirt is a continuation of the bodice that make it very tight at the waist. Since the construction of basic patterns to measure waist girth was added (3...

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Drawing basics skirt

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On a basic template shows some of the drawing of the skirt from the waist line to the hip line. We call the skirt part of the garment from the...

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