Knitting. Such a different yarn!

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Novice needle women who are still mastering knitting, sometimes it is very difficult to understand the variety of yarn and select the suitable coil for future product. How not to...

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Knitting as a hobby

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One of the most common addictions among women is knitting. That not only can build a modern mistresses are true, and craftsmen also come across: It is primarily the final...

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Yarn for knitting

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Knitting is a great hobby and a favorite pastime of many women. I want to knit, when you go to the shops for the sale of products for craft...

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The closure of the loops of the last row of the product knitted.

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Upon completion of the knitting of the part of the loop the last row is closed, using a needle or a needle with a large eye. There are several ways...

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Knit the stitches in the Assembly of knitted articles

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For the connection of finished parts products use a special knit stitches: to connect horizontally, vertically and welding the seams. When knitting the knitted stitches of the connecting of parts...

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