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Knitting - fun. Each knitting technique has its own capabilities and advantages. Hosiery knitting-the simplest of all types of knitting, but also the most convenient when you want something to set off the thing: embroidery, applique, geometric, floral ornament or stripes. When knitting, it all depends on your imagination. The main thing here-not to overload the thing finish.


From the articles of rad knitting you will learn how to knit: dresses and pullovers, jumpers and skirts, knitted sundresses, suits and knitted sets, jackets and tops, sweaters and more.

For beginners, we have a knitting tutorial from which you can learn a lot of information on knitting. This tutorial is sure to be interesting and many people who are not the first year engaged in knitting. Many beginners miss these articles, not even gracing them with his attention. And they do it rather unconsciously, wanting to start the process as soon as possible...


Understanding that you need to learn gradually, without missing anything, comes when namuchavshis with the simplest scheme of knitting, beginners postpone the work "for later", disappointed in their results and did not get any satisfaction from their work. At the same time, they risk never to join, to such a fascinating process as knitting.

Knit the stitches in the Assembly of knitted articles
For the connection of finished parts products use a special knit stitches: to connect horizontally, vertically and welding the seams.
The closure of the loops of the last row of the product knitted.
Upon completion of the knitting of the part of the loop the last row is closed, using a needle or...
Yarn for knitting
Knitting is a great hobby and a favorite pastime of many women. I want to knit, when you go...
Knitting as a hobby
One of the most common addictions among women is knitting. That not only can build a modern mistresses are true,...
Knitting. Such a different yarn!
Novice needle women who are still mastering knitting, sometimes it is very difficult to understand the variety of yarn and...