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Basket weaving

Weaving is one of the oldest human activities. Woven from a rod baskets, cradles, baskets, travel baskets-chests, boxes, furniture for many years served man, decorating his life. Today, the weaving is reborn again. Wicker vine vases, lampshades, bread boxes, baskets, newspaper, pots, panels, chairs, tables – all this is a great decoration of our life, they are lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly. All have become boring plastic and metal products, and woven from vines things endowed with personality. And because this section of the site will be interesting to those who love to make and who like the original products from the vine.

furniture woven from vine

We Hope that the presented detailed recommendations for the manufacture of a product of the vine together with illustrative material will help you not only to master the Art of weaving or improve it, but also to get real pleasure from the results of their work, to please relatives and friends with beautiful gifts.


Vine, marsh plants - cheap and quite affordable raw materials. You will find it in the field, forest, on the river. And for the work you do not need expensive devices - some of them must have at home.

A little history of basket weaving
Prepared By Alexander Kotelnikov The weaving of wicker is one of the oldest human occupations. The first wicker items...