A little needlework

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Painting ceramics and porcelain To give a second life to an old porcelain or ceramic dish — it is truly a lesson that deserves praise. The material of pottery has been...

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Silver rings: what to choose — Zirconia or Topaz?

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Silver rings is the ultimate decoration, a perfect gift for a loved one. But if they are stones, and more unique and exclusive. How precious kamenem preference? Cubic Zirconia (phianite)...

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Is it possible in a dream to be inspired for creativity

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Creativity is not the exclusive province of poets, writers, painters, sculptors, writers and other representatives of such professions, and to some extent each person. But the workers creativity is much...

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How to turn an ordinary dress into fancy with beads

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Since ancient times, dresses were decorated with beads that not only made them elegant, but emphasized the status of their owner. Thus, Indian tribes outfit of deerskin a few months...

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Change your self-image

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Every woman wants to have an attractive, modern and well-maintained appearance. But as for visiting expensive salons and shops, many don't have enough money, sometimes desires remain desires. But the...

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Christmas gifts

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I'm sure we all heard that the best gifts for New year - Christmas gifts with their hands. Such surprises keep warm hands and convey warmth and love to whomever...

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Thatch roofing

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Straw has long been the most affordable and cheap roofing material. In the XVII century in England and other European countries straw covered even the roofs of churches. Gradually, as...

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Inlay strips

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Craftsmen have always sought to keep for years noticed their beauty. Golden color and chatoyant glow straw... Straw was beneficial in the economy, but for artists it is a...

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Weaving harnesses

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If weak and fragile straw together, and then slightly twist, then a durable harness that does not break so simply. The idea of using straw plaits for the manufacture of...

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Folk toys

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When the rye was ripe, the harvest and hay time came to go. In the box came all who could. Nizami was young and not very young women, clever and...

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The basis of most woven products of straw, whether it be a bag, basket, Mat, hat, serve platici, or pleterski. The word "pletion" you will not find in a modern...

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Processing of raw materials

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The stalk of any cereal plant, both cultural and wild-growing, divided into several parts, so-called nodes. Each such part is called a caper, or the internode. The long the crack...

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