Clarification of the basic patterns after fitting

Hits:779 Making clothes by the standards

After performing the fitting place the layout on the table. There are two ways to repair model: notes chalk — drawing lines along the pins marking places of correction, marking...

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The fit layout on the shape deviation from a normal body

Hits:852 Making clothes by the standards

As some figures are very difficult to measure correctly, due to errors while measuring can be a violation of the balance of the layout.If the bodice of the product is...

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Fitting layout

Hits:1038 Making clothes by the standards

Fitting to do on the figure, dressed only in their underwear. All changes you make on one side, the most difficult. If both sides of symmetric shapes, choose the one...

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Making custom layout

Hits:738 Making clothes by the standards

For a tailor-made layout using dense harsh cotton fabric.Put on a sheet of paper underlying the corresponding pattern produced on a mannequin or a specific shape. Mark the waist line...

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Hits:776 Making clothes by the standards

There are two ways of holding the fitting: a fake without the use of patterns and fit individual layout. Applying one or another method, get a basic template, exactly fitted...

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Standard layouts

Hits:806 Making clothes by the standards

The expression "ready-to-wear by the standards of" know clothing made without trying on the measurements taken from the customer. They use standard patterns (templates made for conditionally proportional figure), as...

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