Decoration crochet scheme

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Decoration crochet Necklace – Lotus above water. Crochet decoration you will need: cotton threads of different colors. We decided to use yellow yarn, pink, light pink, blue and light blue, green, and...

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Beautiful knit scarf with ruffle

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Beautiful knit scarf with ruffles. For work we need: textured yarn, such as "Fantasy", 150 gr. Composition yarn: 50*50 acrylic wool, 160 m per 100 g yarn type "CASHMIRA...

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Knitted Scarf

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Scarf knit from yarn left after knitting the dresses which will wear it. The size of the scarf is 1.40 cm x 40 cm If threads-crochet, then begin to knit...

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Knit yourself a cover for handles

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Gold handles. Make ourselves hard to handle. Especially for those who love to knit! So, practical ETUI for pens do this: Crochet a chain of 15 stitches. Close the chain...

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Knit beret crochet

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An original addition to clothing is taking. Cook 100 gr. synthetic type wool yarn in three addition and a hook № 3. Buklirovannye beret knit pattern. To crochet a chain...

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Crochet lace gloves

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An elegant addition to the costume is a pair of crocheted lace gloves. To prepare for knitting a spool of white thread and crochet hook No. 1. To crochet a...

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Since ancient times people tried to make his life more comfortable. The previous generation used a variety of materials, often very simple, which created the clothing or part of the...

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Crochet socks crochet

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Knitting socks with crochet hook. Beginning knitting is performed by the hook dial 36 loops aerial chain, pink thread. Combine the chain ring. Banded ring, columns without nakida twelve...

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Knitting is back in fashion

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Useful tips for novice knitters. Knitting is back in fashion. As look great on the girls, women and children knitted items, delicate or tightly associated.... From them emanates the warmth...

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Crochet coasters

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You like to treat yourself to some tea, sitting in front of a computer monitor? Or sitting on the fluffy couch with the book? And where You put your favorite...

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Knitted things for your home

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Knitted doily "snowflake", the cover on the stool. Knitted napkin snowflake. Knitted doily crochet snowflake. Snowflakes can be not only snow. Shall openwork napkin crocheted from threads. You will need: Skein of any color...

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Knitted picnic blanket

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The size of the finished knitted plaid will be: 110 cm by 70 cm. To tie a knitted blanket crochet you will need: Thirty grams of white yarn. Composition:...

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Knitted handbag

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Begin knitting the bottom of the purse. To knit the purse turned out like the picture: the diameter of the bottom is twenty – six inches. Need synthetic acrylic threads...

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Crochet accessories – belts

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Any girl, a girl, a woman with me will definitely agree that accessories is never enough! Gloves, parasols, handbags, belts. All these details give the image a unique appearance...

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Knitted glove with orange leaf

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Creating culinary masterpieces, can not do without knitted potholders. And if the MITT with the orange sheet has an attractive appearance that will create a pleasant mood and the joy...

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Knitted square tablecloth

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Knitted square tablecloth will add coziness to the room. Square motif tablecloth consists of loops, columns with nakida. The size of the finished tablecloth: seventy on seventy centimeters. For mating...

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Crochet a classic leaf crochet

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All lovers of crochet jewelry, all kinds of decorative elements, lace, etc. offer a detailed master-class of the leaf. The scheme is very simple, suitable even for inexperienced quilters. Begin...

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Master-class of crochet ornaments on the Christmas tree

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Offers a simple master-class of crochet fun stars to use as decorations on the Christmas tree or by connecting several of these stars to make a garland. It also...

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Knit columns without nakida

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Columns knit jackets, blouses, sweaters, skirts and shawls, stoles and other elegant knits. The first method. Associating the first number of the product, turn it from right to left...

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Crochet – select tool

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Experienced knitters will understand me – is the tool you need to choose carefully and for a long time, and if you chose to make every effort not to lose...

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Master-class of crochet leaf crochet

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For all knitters want to offer a simple master-class of crochet a small leaf. The color of thread you can take the most varied, from dark green to light yellow...

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Crochet applique crochet "Snegir"

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Crochet applique bullfinch is a great decoration for winter themed Christmas cards, or any other souvenir products. Tie applique the bird will be quite easy, and the materials will take...

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Knit blue crochet with diagrams

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Wildflowers in a vase on the table undoubtedly add comfort to any home. But it is not always possible to get out into nature, and the winter lasts so long...

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Marine life. Knitting crochet doilies with diagrams

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Have you been on the sea fishing? If not, join us soon, you will love this lesson because it is similar to knitting. But the main thing - don't...

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Emerald cardigan crochet (+ schema)

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This emerald cardigan crochet (diagram attached) will enhance your wardrobe in any season: in winter it can be worn over a turtleneck, and when you become heat jerseys. You...

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How to crochet flower of calceolaria?

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How to crochet flower of calceolaria, you will be able to learn from this article. Products are made very similar to real live houseplants, and knitting them is easy and...

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Bulk flowers lilac crochet (diagrams)

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This article describes how to make bulk flowers lilac crochet (diagram attached). The task is to tie a long lace strip and then roll it in a bunch of lilacs...

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Orchid crochet (+ schema)

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Orchid - Moody enough to care for plant, it is difficult to grow at home the beginner, and it blooms not for long, and then are some leaves. If you...

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Appliques crochet (+ schema)

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While children learn to be careful, take a long time. And now they are everywhere, climb and wipe his knees, and often leave spots of juice on his clothes. To...

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Knitted flowers willow crochet

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Size: flowers are 3 cm in diameter, Bud height 1.5 cm Materials: silver yarn; branch with leaves; hook № 1,5 Execution: Knitted flowers willow crochet For...

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How to knit heart crochet

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How often romantic nature wonder, what a cute little gift to make his beloved. In this case craftswomen are in a more advantageous position - they can create a beautiful...

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Lily flowers crochet volume

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Flowers Lily of the valley crochet surround - beautiful, cozy home decor item. As you know, lilies of the valley book, and tear them banned. But they look so...

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Bells. Flowers crochet (diagrams)

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Meadow bells - delicate, romantic, but unfortunately, endangered flowers. They are becoming less because of the fee on the bouquets and the destruction of their habitats. However, you can always...

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Knitted baby shoes

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1. To begin, select a yarn (preferably cotton for summer and acrylic for autumn / winter). You will need a roll of black 50g, 50g raspberry 50g white (not consumed...

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Decoration for window

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    Size 17 x 15 cm You will need: 30 g white cotton yarn; the remnants of bright pink and green yarn; hook № 1-1,25.Execution of work: tie...

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Red napkin

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    Dimensions 16 x 18 cm You will need: 20 g red cotton yarn; 20 x 20 red fabric; hook № 1,75-2.Execution of work: from fabric to cut...

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  Size 24 x 27 cm You will need: 50 g white yarn; hook № 1-1,25. Execution of work: the napkin tie 4 circular p. in the diagram. The...

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Crochet decoration for window

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    Size 10 x 10 cm You will need: 50 grams of cotton yarn blue; remains of white yarn; 2 white pearls; hook № 1-1,25.Work performance: to start...

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Decorative ornament

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  Size: 30 cm in height You will need: white cotton yarn (325 m/50 g); 3 m purple satin ribbon 1 cm wide; hook №1-1,25.Execution of work: for a...

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Decorative ornaments

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    Sizes 8 and 10 cm in height You'll need: blue yarn with lurex; the hook No. 2.Execution of work: for models 5 to link a chain of...

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