MACHINE WORK: Exercises to consolidate knowledge and skills in the training of seamstresses and tailors

When learning the techniques of operating the sewing machine and how the machine stitches it is possible to allocate following stages:

Step 1. Goal: learn to work on the car with high speeds.
Principle: execution of machine stitching on A4 sheets on a pre-sketched lines without filling threads. Example lines:

When you run the lines from the angles, the focus should be on ensuring that the injection needle was exactly on the area of the line that gives you the opportunity to produce a turn with the needle in the material under the raised foot. When you run the lines - "waves" attention should be paid to speed and accuracy hitting down the line.
Step 2. Objective: to learn how to perform different types of machine properties with adaptations or without. Principle: the implementation of a number of machine seam from different groups (connective, edge and finishing) options on samples of materials. Weld length not less than 25 see Example samples:

When you execute the stitches should monitor the quality of the stitching and rontoy. Execution of samples allows to fulfill also the subject of "heat-Wet work," that is, to learn to work on Ironing equipment.