To stockout in different ways depending on the magnitude of the damage and type of material. Dyed in the drape (without a pattern, stripes or cells) damage width to 0, 5 cm (length of the damage is not limited to) can be fixed without the use of additional material. For this region of damage must be accurately, smoothly cut, bringing the two opposite sides of damage to one point on the line passing through the middle of the damage. The line of damage should extend 4-5 mm in both directions in undamaged tissue.
Methods of repair: stykovka
Side of the cut to reduce butt to each other and connect manual stitches slant stykovochnye thread in the fabric color. The stitches are laid from the inside, piercing the fabric is half the thickness.
If the size of the damage exceeds these standards for repair, require an additional piece of cloth, corresponding in color and quality of the repaired product. In this case, you should trim the damaged area strictly on equity and the transverse line (figure: 1 - right sweep, 2 - sweep wrong).
Methods of repair: stykovka
For sealing the treated damage to use a spare flap. From it cut out a square (so called insert) of the same size, and trimmed the damaged portion of the fabric. It is necessary to take into account the fabric.. the size of the insert must be equal to or slightly smaller than the size of the peeled area of tissue (1-2 mm), but not more of it. The insert should be cut strictly on a duck and basis. Shtukovina box from the inside , holding the left hand one side of contact insert and tissue products, and your index finger is on the front side and the thumb on the wrong.
Methods of repair: stykovka
Following stykovochnye seam processing operation damage - alignment of the pile. Leading the needle on the tissue with some effort along the lines of a puncture needle with one and the other side of the seam, lift up the pile to the limit, but not tear him away from the tissue.
The quality of the work performed is checked by flexing the tissue in the repair site in different directions: the junction of the fabric with the insert (seam) needs to be bent as easily and freely, without any separation of the seam as undamaged tissue.

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