Repaired clothing depending on the degree of deterioration can be subjected to small, medium and large repair (see table below).
As additional finishing materials used leather (genuine and faux), suede, fur, velvet, corduroy, tapestry, knit. When choosing finishing materials, you must consider the compatibility of the material of the main product and additional in color, texture and properties.
Repair: the used fabrics and materials

In the case where the repair model does not provide the use of additional materials select material, as similar to the material in color and texture. If you pick up new material is not possible, use parts of the product (extension podborov, belts, straps, jackets, suits, etc.).
The type of repair Feature Small Example (partial) work to restore the lines, installing the patches, simple repairs of worn out parts not related to the block, changing the design and model of the product
Repair: the used fabrics and materials


  • sewing severed fittings;
  • the recovery loops;
  • restoring or attaching the hanger;
  • the fixing of the ends of the pockets;
  • flatlock lining pockets;
  • connection raspalovachka joints;
  • the restoration of the finishing line;
  • sewing severed parts;
  • installing the patches in open holes;
  • repair the bottom of the pants;
  • WTO products.

Average of work for repairing of worn out parts, replacement of individual parts and change the size (small) of the product or its parts
Repair: the used fabrics and materials


  • fixing collar: replacing the top collar or change its shape and size;
  • repair worn sleeve fold: slim sleeve length, grind it to the bottom of obrazkami, decorate the bottom of the sleeve cuffs, replace the sleeve lining, fully or partially;
  • repair Welt pockets: replace or increase the width of the framework, in some cases, it is recommended to replace the frame leaves;
  • changing the length of the product: the product is shortened or lengthened by allowance for bending the bottom;
  • repair hem measures: reduce the length of the product, or grind around the bottom of the product;
  • repair lining replace worn areas or completely replace the lining.


Major works on change of model and size of the product (working with block products)
Repair: the used fabrics and materials

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