Strapless bodice with shoulder seams moved to the front

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Bodice with shoulder seams that simulate the yoke (figure 414). Turn the upper tuck the front, for example, in the position of the Darts from side-cut shoulder and tuck the...

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Bodice with pleats non-parallel inclined

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The bodice in contrast to the skirts of the non-parallel folds are narrowed down, not expanded, due to the reduction of volume from the top down (figure 412).Determine the direction...

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Strapless bodice with horizontal parallel folds

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Bodice with a pleated yoke and Assembly (figure 406). The two parts of the bodice bands of the last fold (figure 407). Turn the upper tuck in tuck from the...

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The bodice of adjoining silhouette with a parallel vertical folds

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Parallel vertical folds on the bodice surrounding a most often between the highest points of the chest (between the points R, figure 404). Such pleats adorn the bodice. They need...

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Bodice attached at the waist, with yoke and pleats

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Bodice with yoke and pleats (figure 401) tight at the waist. Mark the position of the yoke and folds, the line of prosanos and the location of the buttons (figure...

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The bodice is ruched on the back

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By simply steal the cheque from the waist line on the back can get only minor Assembly. To obtain the backless slouchy (figure 396) turn on a sheet of paper...

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The bodice and ruching at front

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The Assembly of the bodice are arranged so that they can not replace the tucks (figure 394). On a sheet of paper put the basic pattern of the bodice, swipe...

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Darted bodice, arranged in a fan

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Most of the small recesses arranged in a fan (figure 391), significantly removed from the most protruding point of the breast. One of them ends on a projecting point of...

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Bodice with double parallel Darts

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Two closely-spaced parallel tucks of the bodice (figure 387) toward the point R.The support pattern without Darts draw a line cut in accordance with the model (figure 388). If both...

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Strapless bodice with zigzag Darts

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Zigzag Darts create a contoured line of the bodice (figure 376). With such Darts the rest of the bodice needs to be classic style. Bodice with zigzag tuck from...

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The strapless bodice of a striped fabric

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From the striped fabric you can make a very beautiful clothes, but you need to be able to place the strips. Fat people should not abuse the difficult position. Vertical...

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Strapless bodice with a reduced top tuck

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The performance of some models is difficult due to the large solution top tuck. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to decrease the tuck to the detriment of the fit of...

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Bodice, extended shoulders

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Put on a sheet of paper the basic bodice patterns (figure 358), tracing and drawing lines of the side of the slice and armhole strokes (front and back converted the...

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Bodice with deep tucks from the waist line

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When performing basic patterns stuffed way sometimes receive the tuck of the waist line (figure 355) very deep and convex. To close this tuck when transferring it to...

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The strapless bodice yoke and gathers instead of Darts

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The strapless bodice is ruched tucks applied the same principle of using the value of the solution tucks. For example we consider the strapless bodice, slightly narrowed at the waist...

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