One of the most detailed sets of classifications GOST 12807-2003. Sewing. Classification of stitches, lines and seams. The following is a version of the classification easier. Under this option, all the machine stitches depending on the leading functions are divided into 3 groups: connecting (in which parts lie on either side of the seam), regional (used for shaping the edges of slices or parts) and finishing (intended for finishing parts and products in General). Well, then schema)):

MACHINERY: Classification of machine seams
Thus, the "name" of the seam consists of several components: the group name, subgroups, and describe the features. That is to say, "bridging the seam" or just "open-cut" is not very correct, as it is more correctly called the seam completely: "connective bridging topstitched" or "regional itagiba with an open cut".
As You know, in the next posts we will consistently move in this pattern and met with a image way of education, the basic technical terms and appointment presented to You above types of joints.
For those who want to see the classification of machine stitches depending on the purpose and appearance, can offer this picture:
MACHINERY: Classification of machine seams

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