The opening and closing of the rings

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The intermediate ring, the end loop of the wire shvenzy in the process of creating jewelry are being used very actively. Repeated opening and closing can damage the metal, resulting...

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Care of finished products

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Any decoration is put on the body after the main clothes. To remove jewelry, on the contrary, it is necessary first of all. Otherwise, you can catch and damage jewelry...

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Materials for decoration

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Czech beads Unlike many different types of beads, it stands out Czech quality and variety of colors and shapes. It can be faceted, transparent, matte, coated, with an internal coating, color...

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Base materials

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Memory hardened steel wire The wire retains its original shape and does not require locks when used. This wire is often called a spring wire. For jewelry you will need wire...

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Glass bead with their hands

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So, today we have plans promised a master class on production of the original beads with their hands. A little bit about the process and the necessary tools has already...

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Glass beads with their hands

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Make beads yourself you are unlikely to succeed, because it is too small. A lot of fuss for the sake of a small result – it is not profitable neither...

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The history of the emergence and spread of beads

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The first decorations appeared a long time ago. All kinds of pebbles, shells, fragments were strung on grass stalks, hair, and were, in fact, the first jewelry and amulets. Often...

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