Lace "Kink with a spider"

Hits:636 Lace weaving

Lace edge 2.5 cm wide runs 10 pairs of bobbins. Thread reel cotton No. 20-30. Lace consists of edges, festoon and fill between them, made "spider" and latticed.Rolling pins is...

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Lace "Kink"

Hits:719 Lace weaving

Lace edge 2.5 cm wide runs 10 pairs of bobbins, thread, bobbin, cotton No. 20-30. On components it consists of edges, cloves (festoon, mysock) and the lattice between them.Skolok. Depending...

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Lace "Pavlinka"

Hits:827 Lace weaving

More complex is the group of lace, which on the outer edge runs serrated fringe — festoon. This toothed rim is subjected to the greatest development. Examination of the most...

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Lace based on lattices

Hits:631 Lace weaving

The next group of lace made on the basis of lattices with the addition of individual elements of the weaving from one side. The simplest of these is the addition...

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Hits:663 Lace weaving

Lace-firmware, i.e. with smooth edges. Build skolka identical to the construction of the lattice in baseplate, only in the center of lattices build a "spider" to 4 pairs of bobbins...

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The grille is full zaplet

Hits:654 Lace weaving

The grille is full zaplet is similar to the lattice in baseplate with the only difference that pairs of bobbins at the plexus in the centre of the grille before...

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A simple lattice baseplate

Hits:666 Lace weaving

This grid is the background. Firmware runs 10 pairs of bobbins, thread, bobbin, cotton No. 30-40.Skolok. Firmware this lace — 2.25 cm, where the edges are edges with a width...

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Hits:738 Lace weaving

More complex but the build is the collar, made on the basis of lace, "wilewski" and a stylized flower. Rolling pins in 1/2 his size and a photograph in figure...

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Collar with cuffs

Hits:606 Lace weaving

To create collars and consequently cuffs, you can use multiple dimensional lace. A sample of such a construction of the cuff is proposed for development. Respectively constructed and collar. Take...

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Cloth gift

Hits:726 Lace weaving

The building and running of products with more complex pattern easier to imagine performing a souvenir napkins.In building skolka methods and simple techniques that you can use to create a...

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The napkin souvenir bobbins

Hits:729 Lace weaving

Performed 10 pairs of bobbins, of which 9 pairs of thread reel of cotton No. 3 0 and one pair of filigree thread viscose, iris embroidery floss in Hanks or...

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Tie gift

Hits:717 Lace weaving

Based on the construction of the floral motif with the addition of leaves can be to build a gift tie.Depending on the build thread rolling pins. In our sample tie...

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Souvenir "Flower"

Hits:695 Lace weaving

Souvenir performed by polotnyanko with perepevom extreme external equity pairs. Running 7 pairs of bobbins, one pair of filigree iris, viscose embroidery thread in Hanks to rod and the rest...

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Hits:685 Lace weaving

Connection of beginning and end is called lining. The word itself already defines the most simple method to complete the work. This method consists in the fact that at the...

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The school collar with cuffs

Hits:652 Lace weaving

Based on the pattern "miluska" you can build rolling pins cuff and collar for Schoolgirls. Is performed thread C/b of coil No. 30-40 nine pairs of bobbins.Rolling pins constructed in...

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Pattern "Miluska"

Hits:700 Lace weaving

Having studied the building and running of weaving "a couple", you can move on to the study of sharp bends in polotnyanko, which are based on the implementation of this...

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Polotnyanko "for a couple"

Hits:629 Lace weaving

In this polotence one edge smooth, with no protruding eyelets — smooth edge. The smooth edge is used in the design of the sewing edge of collar and cuffs.To get...

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The lace of platescan

Hits:636 Lace weaving

Very delicate and elegant lace, made of Plachkov. They may consist entirely of Pleshkov (figure VIII. 11 the article Lace Picot platescope) or most often consist of edges and platescope...

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Hits:643 Lace weaving

Lace-agramant has two identical hand made ovals. Performed by polotnyanko in Perevi all pairs. Thread reel cotton No. 10, 8 pairs of bobbins. Including 2 pair of filigree in the...

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Lace two polotnjano

Hits:605 Lace weaving

An extensive group of lace in which the pattern is created by two polotnyanyi. Most often it is a straight edge-polotnyanko made in Perevi all pairs. The edge can be...

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Lace "Spider"

Hits:664 Lace weaving

Lace-stitching width 1.5 cm based on the implementation of polotnyanyi in Perevi. This lace is mastered a new element "spider". Lace runs 8 pairs of bobbins, thread, bobbin, cotton M...

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Lace "Goat"

Hits:747 Lace weaving

Lace is based on polotnyanko in Perevi, vyputatsya thread cotton reel No. 30-40 for 6 pairs of bobbins.Rolling pins — polotnyanko 1 cm wide with points Nacala 0.5 cm, located...

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Edging lace "Sabrinka"

Hits:711 Lace weaving

The most simple implementation of dimensional lace are lace, made 3 pairs of bobbins.Rolling pins constructed as polotnyanko, a width of 0.5-0.75, or 1 cm, with points nakola of 0.5—0.75...

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Polotnyanko in Perevi all pairs

Hits:655 Lace weaving

This kind of polotnyanyi has greater sparsity than other types of polotnyanko. Often it is included in the multipair lace in the form of fragments. In a separate netting it...

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Netting lace doilies

Hits:576 Lace weaving

Tissue performed 10 pairs of bobbins of bobbin thread, cotton No. 30, of which one pair of filigree — iris, viscose, embroidery thread or the same thread in three addition.Skolok...

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School collar with cuffs

Hits:661 Lace weaving

The collar runs 7 pairs of bobbins, including the bobbin thread cotton No. 20 — 6 pairs and a pair of filigree thread toffee, rayon, worsted or floss.Rolling pins cuff...

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Hits:700 Lace weaving

The lace edge is based on the mesh. It runs 6-7 pairs of bobbins, thread, bobbin, cotton No. 10, and of these, 1 pair of filigree thread embroidery floss, viscose...

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Hits:733 Lace weaving

This is a more transparent tape with a cross-direction yarns. Runs on the same skolkov that polotnyanko (figure VIII. 12 in the article Polotnyanko without Peravia pairs).Zaplet horizontally. The number...

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Hits:780 Lace weaving

Go to the development of lattices, which is in coupling the lace background that you made the ornament. Bars don't just fill the space inside the ornaments, but they are...

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Hits:720 Lace weaving

For decoration are used lace nasnavi. Most often in lace meet oval nasnavi (figure VIII.24).Rasnovka is performed by two pairs of bobbins, three of which serve as the basis, and...

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The doily lace gift

Hits:674 Lace weaving

Runs on 6-8 pairs of bobbins n/a C/b №№ 10, 12 — 1 pair of filigree — polotnyanko center. Polotnyanko — extreme equity pairs iterativ.Rolling pins is performed by a...

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Lace - edge

Hits:607 Lace weaving

Lace — edge width of 1 cm. Edge is called lace, which has one smooth side edge and the second undulating edge. Running 4 pairs of bobbins, including 1 pair...

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Hits:680 Lace weaving

Filigree is an additional element of weaving, consisting in the fact that polotnyanko introduced a thicker, sometimes a colored thread. Filigree is used to make the pattern definition, or to...

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Hits:735 Lace weaving

Running n/a C/b No. 10, 20 filigree — viscose, iris, embroidery thread in Hanks to rod— only 8 pairs. You can perform polotnyanko without Peravia pairs, with filigree in the...

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School collar with cuffs of lace

Hits:631 Lace weaving

Implementation, the construction of collar-stand with cuffs identical to the build bookmark. Can be made from 5 pairs of bobbins n/a C/b №№ 10, 12 and 1 pair of filigree...

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Connecting the yarn breaks and the end

Hits:599 Lace weaving

At the end of the threads on the bobbins or breakage of the thread bobbin with the new thread is hung on the his above the netting by the loops...

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Polotnyanko with perepevom extreme equity pairs

Hits:699 Lace weaving

This kind of polotnyanko, most often in lace, very elegant. Polotnyanko with perepevom extreme equity pairs is different from the main polotnyanko the fact that running a couple of before...

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Bookmark for books

Hits:659 Lace weaving

Runs from 6-8 pairs of bobbins n/a, one pair of filigree (decorating thread) of the iris, viscose embroidery thread in Hanks on a Perm rod. Filigree propitaetsya polotnyanko, you can...

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Polotnyanko without Peravia pairs

Hits:692 Lace weaving

Polotnyanko — the main element of the lace, which is a tight braid, made with a plain weave. A pair of bobbins located along the leaf, is called equity, like...

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Lace Pico platescope

Hits:719 Lace weaving

Running 5 pairs of bobbins, n/a, cotton No. 30, 40. Rolling pins (figure VIII.10). In the edge of the lace Nacala are arranged in a straight line at a distance...

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Platesat with chops loops

Hits:632 Lace weaving

Pleterski in otbivnye decorated with lace eyelets which are an additional element of weaving, but they cannot be built figure, but their presence makes the lace easier, more elegant. There...

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Attaching skolka

Hits:667 Lace weaving

On a flat surface with pillows placed cardboard, equal in magnitude skolkov of the lace pattern, then rolling pins and top — transparent polyethylene (plastic). Pin need to pick up...

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Winding the threads on the rod

Hits:626 Lace weaving

As the lace is woven, not separate bobbins, and the pairs, it wound threads on them in pairs: first one and then without taking your thread to another bobbin, which...

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Hits:728 Lace weaving

Pillow (cushion, tambourine) is a Bank-wrapped foam in several layers so that when injecting his didn't touch the banks. To do this, the foam layer should be not less than...

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Hits:698 Lace weaving

Platesat has the form of a flat cords. Is platesat two pairs of bobbins, thread, cotton reel No. 10.Rolling pins (figure) platessa is a straight line where a distance of...

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The basic techniques of weaving

Hits:662 Lace weaving

Techniques of lacemaking is based on the brute-shifting in a certain order of bobbins wound with thread on them. When the bobbin is kept in the middle of their lower...

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