Methods of repair: performance patches

When connecting the patches with the product in any way necessary to monitor the alignment of the warp threads for the details and patch and fit the pattern on them. The size of the patch must be greater than the damaged area. There are the following methods of attaching patches: 1) production of the patches used in those cases, if the damaged area is large, and a darning or stykovka it is not possible or not appropriate;

2) nastraivanie patches used in the repair of cheap, thin fabrics;

3) the interweaving of patches - the method allows to make the damaged and repaired area almost invisible. Before to start repair, it is necessary to prepare the insert flap of tissue repair products, upon its edge, pulling yarn in weft and the basis of 2-3 cm, i.e. unravelling the fabric on all four sides.2. Making the insert you want to save the picture of the repaired product. Insert namerevalsya on the product at the location of the hole. Continue to produce the interweaving of threads of warp and weft insertion inside the weave of the threads of the repair area of the product with the restoration of this weave using a needle and auxiliary thread. The excess thread insert is cut close to the fabric. A plot of product iron.

The insert shall have an area not cover less than 1,5-2 cm

4) bonding of patches lies in the fact that the area requiring repair, enclose a piece (patch) of the basic (or a suitable color, texture, fiber composition) of the material and glued the iron, positioning a layer of adhesive (powder or paste) between the parts. The bonding may be performed with the front side, then the patch plays a decorative role.