Experts and manufacturers distinguish 2 groups of sewing machines: designed for industrial use and household sewing machines.
About consumer will not speak: on taste and color friend no. Moreover, depending on the size of the purse and the frequency of use can be purchased and budget options, which can perform only simple two-line Shuttle stitch on the sitchikov and supergravity programmable embroidery block on a few colors and other features. Ah, Yes , there is Chinese portable sewing machine, like this (not sewed about the quality, I don't know).
MACHINE WORK: introductory

Industrial sewing machine closer to us. They are, as a rule, are specialized to carry out certain functions in the sewing process. Some perform high-quality one or two-line sanding line, some 2 or 3 thread overlock, or a 5 smachiwausa thread-overlock, some are designed to vrachevanie sleeves products from thick materials, some for podchinenija bottom suiting fabric of malostonski. In short, read the instructions.
When getting acquainted with the characteristics of the sewing machine of a particular class in addition to purpose and type of stitching is also nice to know the rotation speed of the main shaft (most often corresponds to the maximum number of stitches that run in a minute), to inquire about the availability of mechanisms for automation of auxiliary techniques (lifting and lowering the legs, running the tack, trim the threads and needle positioning), ability to use equipment and small tools.
MACHINE WORK: introductory
This is a photo of the simple universal machine: not new, but reliable, with well adjustable depending on material properties stitching Is even and machines!!)) For us the most clear - button sewing, buttonhole and bar tacking. Less clear but no less curious - automatic and semi-automatic machines for grinding parts according to a given outline, treatment Welt pockets, attach belts from the pants (even the latter is not the machines, and aggregates).
The theme is "the Machine" in the subject "Technology of sewing production" is close to the subject "Equipment of sewing production", and in order to avoid duplication of information, we consider the following safety regulations, technical specifications, types of machine stitches, the terminology, take a look at exercises to consolidate knowledge and skills, and the rest of the information is slightly ignore)).

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