As already seen from the classification of hand stitches, all the stitches they are divided into permanent and temporary assignments. Here are some of the General technical conditions (THAT) apply to these two large groups.
HANDMADE: specifications
The implementation of the manual lines of permanent appointments:

  • When you run your manual stitches and permanent stitches are used purpose thread in the color of the material. In the manufacture of woolen, cotton fabrics use cotton thread No. 50-80, for the production of silk fabrics — silk thread No. 65-75, for the production of artificial and synthetic fabrics — cotton threads № 60-80.
  • Finishing sew thread color finishing.
  • Buttons with sew through holes with thread in the color of the buttons, and buttons with the counter - thread in the color of the fabric.
    HANDMADE: specifications
  • Needle size must suit the fabric thickness and nature of the operations.
  • The ends of the inner lines reinforce two or three stitches.
  • The ends of decorative stitches, executed with silk threads (manufacture of hinges, clips), clips from the wrong side with three or four reverse stitches.

The implementation of the manual lines of temporary appointment:

  • When you run the lines to the temporary duty assignment used cotton twisted yarn, contrasting thread.
  • Smachivanie components perform in the following cases: when connecting two parts with a landing of one of them, when grinding parts with scalloped edges, when combining straight and curved lines in the middle parts and at the seams of the connection. In other cases, a permanent connection (manual or machine) produce without temporary bonding.
  • When connecting (smachivanie) parts fit, positively detail is on the top. This allows the worker to visually assess and monitor the number and distribution of landing.
  • Parts of the product of velvet, chiffon, etc. smatyvay frequent stitches two lines with a distance between 0.5 cm and does not shift when stitching. Grind off such items between the lines of smachivaniya.
  • All a running operation is performed at a distance of 0.1—0.15 cm from the planned chalk line in the direction of the cut parts to a running line did not get further treatment under machine stitching.
  • Copy lines are laid strictly according to the planned lines. Color thread contrast.
    HANDMADE: specifications
  • Ends a running stitch fix one or two reverse stitches.
  • To remove the thread temporary bonding of parts needed line of smachivaniya cut with scissors at intervals of 10-15 cm, and then pulling the ends of thread.

Remember the ancient legend tailors: if you do not remove the thread temporary bonding of parts, though not visible in the finished product returns for rework!!!

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