Treatment of the skirt: the upper section with the facing

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Processing of the upper edge of the skirt facing are shown in the figures: Designations on the scheme: From the main fabric And the front...

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Treatment of the skirt: waist

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The upper section of the skirt is traditionally handled waistband or facing. Processing upper edge of the skirt belt shown in the scheme: Designations on the...

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Treatment of the skirt: the clasp on the braid-lightning

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The zipper can be located in the upper part of the left side seam, medium seam of the back or front cloth. The zipper can be connected to the...

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Treatment of the skirt: description external view and parts cut

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Sketch the appearance of the classic trichonas skirt is shown in figure: Description of the appearance of the skirt: Skirt for women, casual suiting...

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Processing skirts: model diversity

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Skirts are to the waist products and are made complete with a vest, jacket or as a standalone product. Skirts come in various shapes and silhouettes. The...

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Skirt with pleats

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Skirt with a fold in the continuation of tuck. In carrying out such folds in tuck end side seam allowance on the fold formed by the unnecessary landing.To fold lying...

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Skirt wedges

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Skirt wedges complex (figure 233). This skirt has a flared wedges that have a significant extension in the lower due to hitting little wedges which can be replaced by pleated.Compare...

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Skirts cut "sun"

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For skirts cut "sun" build a full circle (half circle for the front cloth skirts and half circle for the rear). Drawing do like skirts cut "the bell".To draw a...

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Skirt fit "the bell"

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The pattern of this skirt is a half circle. Execute a quarter circle for the front and rear panels of the skirt (figure 228).According to a basic pattern measure the...

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The skirt extended below the waist line

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The extension skirt at a distance of 8-10 cm below the waist line (figure 226) are making with the build. Such skirts are complemented by lower skirts, tailored specifically for...

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Skirt with undercut and assemblies

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The rear panel of the skirt is trimmed with a flared detail, which are slightly gathered at the undercut (figure 223). This is one way of giving freedom of movement...

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Skirt with spiral relief

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In the skirt (figure 221) symmetric undercut continues uninterrupted from the front panels to the back panel of a straight or flared skirt.First, determine the shape of the main lines...

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Flared skirt with PATA

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The model of this skirt is shown in figure 218.On the patterns straight skirt guide line opening and line extensions, parallel to the middle of the front (figure 219). Translate...

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Skirt made of narrow strips extended down

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On the same principle it is possible to make patterns for the model shown in figure 215. Group strips are usually placed in the area between the Darts on the...

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Skirt shape "bell"

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The expansion of the skirt at the seams starts low (figure 212). The skirt of this form can be obtained by performing not less than four wedges.Put on a sheet...

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Skirt with two front seams

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The shape of the skirt shown in figure 207, the same as the previous one, but the construction of its patterns more.Identify on the figure, at what distance from the...

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Skirt with tails from the waist line

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The model of this skirt is shown in figure 203. Execution tails see page 67. Consider them the building on the front panel of the skirt (on the back panel...

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Skirt with front yoke

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Line the yoke on the front of the skirt passes through the ends of the Darts (figure 199). Put on a sheet of paper the front panel of the skirt...

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Skirt with reliefs

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The relief starts from the side seam on the back panel of the skirt, goes to the most protruding part of the buttocks, and then adopts a vertical direction (figure...

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Skirt features Darts fantasy

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Straight skirt with small pleats sloping (figure 187). These skirts are not recommended from a fabric with stripes or plaid, as oblique tuck down pattern. Put on a sheet of...

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