For safe operation on the sewing machine or the machine must:

  • Before starting, make sure of serviceability of the equipment – checking the quality of the contact socket and earthing, the insulation of the supply cord (when off car), idling. When working on the machine for sewing buttons, serging loops or putting a tack to check the availability of protective transparent screen;
    1. Transparent protective screen 2. Lid covering mechanism, needle bar 3. The protection of a zone of the stroke of the thread take-up eye
  • The filling thread and the bobbin thread, changing needle, grease machine and change opernogo drive to produce only at the switched off actuator;
  • If any breaks off the car;
  • To work in uniform and headdress;
  • Not to bend down low to the thread take-up lever and other moving parts to avoid entanglement with hair, and blow;
  • The scissors and screwdriver kept in a secure place, not putting them around rotating parts of machinery;
  • If any malfunction immediately shut off the machine, inform the master, call a mechanic;
  • Keep the workplace clean.
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