When performing manual work follows:

  • be careful when working with cutting and piercing objects;
  • store the pins in a certain place (in a special pillow, box);
  • to carry out work on the implementation of hand stitches and lines in the thimble;

By the way: this rule many ignore, so as to develop the skill of proper use of the thimble is not easy. The photo below shows the working position of the fingers of the right hand when performing manual stitches.

Thimble worn on the middle finger of the right hand. The thumb and index finger and hold the needle connected in the middle. The rest of the fingers bent, but not pressed against the palm, held without tension. In the formed between the thumb and forefinger hole is clearly visible thimble

  • to carry scissors closed end of myself;
  • pass the scissors, holding them closed over the blade;
  • strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene and health standards in the workplace.


  • stab pins into work clothes, take out pins and needles in the mouth;
  • to work without shoes;
  • get distracted or distract others with talking during work (!!! and this is the hardest rule from personal experience).

By the way: the beds, worn on the wrist, safety are not welcome.

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