Sleeve kimono. Kimono without gussets, kimono fantasy

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Kimono without gussets. Such a construction is used only in cases where a good fit of the clothes does not really matter: models of mass tailoring, underwear and also extravagant...

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Sleeve kimono. Kimono sleeves, tapered at the bottom

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Put on a sheet of paper a drawing of the kimono sleeves.In the drawing the classic kimono sleeves (figure 513) of the total width of the sleeve, subtract the width...

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Sleeve kimono. Construction drawing of gusset, change the drawing

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Construction drawing of the gusset. Draw a horizontal line AA of length equal to the width of the gusset (figure 508). The line AA is twice the value used to...

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Sleeve kimono. Construction drawing basics kimono

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Kimonos called clothes, bodice and sleeve which constitute one part (figure 499). The cut of a kimono is not recommended for overweight people as it weights the shape. To tell...

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Sleeve kimono. Kimono fantasy with proactivity, extended sleeve kimono

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Kimono fantasy with proactivity. Doing the above build, and you can draw any fantasy terrain on both sides of the bodice (front and back). However, there are models in which...

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Modeling casting sleeve

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Sleeve fantasy model based on direct casting sleeve using the same techniques that are used for bodice and skirt. The sleeve ruching. Assembly is usually performed on the sleeves straight...

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