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Repair: General information

Consumer services of the population by making clothes along with tailoring new products provide services for repair of garments. The repair not only eliminate worn areas, but also try to match the products of modern fashion:
Repair: General information
At the same time use design (pleats, tucks, etc.) and accessories (cords, ribbons, borders, accessories, etc.) the means of finishing products:
Repair: General information

The composition of the repaired model must be acceptable to the customer and to meet the aesthetic requirements. If wear and tear is large, repair it is not recommended, as the cost of repair does not pay off the life of your socks. The repair operate on the following concepts: physical (operational) wear – a defect arising in the product in the process of exploitation - holes, scuffs, stains, thinning of the fabric in some areas. obsolescence is a mismatch model modern fashion pattern, color, style, shape, silhouette, structure of material, the finish; the discrepancy between the product image and fit customer.

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