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Works of straw, described in this section, the strength to perform even novice craftsmen. You will learn how to work with straws and what beautiful products can be created from it: bouquets, ornaments, lace, coasters and napkins. And how nice rainy autumn or frosty winter to gather the whole family around the lamp and weave a funny man or collect a beautiful picture of Golden straw.

straw Products

Weaving is one of the oldest crafts. It was known to primitive peoples long before the emergence of weaving and pottery crafts. Mastering the natural environment, people have learned to weave flexible branches and roots, stems and fibers, strands of hair and strips of animal skin. Home, mats, rope, clothing and vessels - the first woven things that surrounded himself with people.

Amazing, it would seem incongruous, the quality of the straw: the intractability and resistance to any violence of straw stalks and incredible plastic braided straw and ribbon, opened before the masters, comprehended the secrets of straw, an incredible space for creativity.

The history of the emergence and development of straw
Weaving is one of the oldest crafts developed by man. Mostly it was used for plant materials, common in different...
The history of the Belarusian straw
In Belarus plaiting of straw has long been engaged. Behind this craft more than one thousand years. It leads its...