Squirrel and mushroom. Felting toys out of wool

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Materials: wool felting orange, brown, brick and black colors; Merino wool yellow and orange flowers; penetrating needle; mercerized thread black color; sewing thread black color; 2 wood beads in...

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Tools and accessories

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The main tool is a needle for faltsevaya. They are made of different sizes and cross-sections in the working area. The shape of the cross section are triangular, crown and star...

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Felting can take any natural wool, which gets on sale in the store or grandmothers in the market. It may be rough sheep's wool from which the lying in the...

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Dry felting

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This method is also referred to as feliziani (eng. felting, it. filzen). It involves the mixing of wool fibres with the help of filialei needle, which is special made at...

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Wet felting

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This is a classic method. The main trick is that to facilitate peremeshivanie and interpenetration of the fibers of wool use water soap solution, which greatly reduces the friction between...

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Felting, as the process of manufacturing woolen goods, only possible thanks to the features of the structure of the hair and hair. Under the microscope it is well visible that...

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A little history of felting from felt

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The felt... Once this stuff was the only kind of textile for many people, especially nomadic. They are covered with yurts, made him the rugs, blankets, mattresses and pillows, stockings...

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