Methods of repair: mending

Darning is used when repairing products in embroidery and has several varieties. The easiest way - threads interlacing at right or oblique angle. First along the contour of the suture holes are superimposed longitudinal (or cross) stitches, and then laid the working filament transverse (or longitudinal) stitches using one thread (figure a,b,C).

When performing the art of darning thread work are taken from the allowances on the side seams, from the allowance for processing bottom. The laying of the stitches of the darning is done according to the pattern of the weave of the repaired tissue (figure g). If performed correctly, the art of mending the repair area becomes completely invisible.

You can do the darning seam on the deck (figure d). Multi-colored thread technique darned, you can embroider flowers, leaves, figures on separate panels, rugs and pillows (figure e).

Mending, you can run the machine on low-cost products.

The fabric must be zapaliti in the Hoop, draw a circle around the damaged area. For the strength of darning a hole (circle) around 1-2 times to stitch along the contour. Securing the thread in the middle, turning the wheel quickly, but slowly and evenly moving the embroidery frame, lay parallel lines of holes, positioning them tightly next to one another in the direction of the threads of the fabric until the entire area of darning. First zastrugivajut cut out the outline from top to bottom, starting from the middle, then turn the Hoop and doing lines in the other direction. For strength darning should overlap the hole by 0.5–1 see the Damaged tissue may pre-clipped, not reaching the loop at 0.3 cm.