The preservation of the traditions of openwork embroidery in crafts of Russia

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Huge, extensive heritage of arts and crafts of the Russian people. Centuries accumulating it, and put the Russian people in not only their work but their soul, their dreams, hopes...

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The choice of an appropriate uniform cloth netting

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The vast majority of cases, the Amateurs cross stitching prefer specialized materials and tools, believing that they are better suited for creating amazing murals and decoration stuff. On the other...

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Embroidery suit for girls with beads, embroidery, ribbons

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As you know, we give all good things to his children, sincerely wishing that they always remained healthy, was a smart, beautiful and neat. And today, when the Ukrainian national...

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Cross stitch

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It is no secret that the embroidery is now ready to take even a very lazy person. Of course, it is not only interesting but also quite difficult. Such work...

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Traditional Uzbek suzani

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Suzane is a large mural on the wall is the main place in the species spectrum of the Samarkand embroidery. For their manufacture was taken white homespun cotton-based, silk or...

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Traditions and innovations in the embroidery of traditional clothing of the Mordovians Moscow and Moscow region

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Far beyond the territory of the life of the Mordovian ethnic group traditional costume were known for their wealth. L. N. Molotov, describing embroidery of the Mordovians, highlight its peculiarity...

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The geometrical ornament of Russian folk embroidery

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The ornamentation of everyday items of the Russian peasantry have long been associated with performing various rites that accompanied all stages of human life. The patterns that decorated the utensils and...

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Shuyskaya strojeva embroidery

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Shuya is since ancient times a center of Russian industry, trade, the development of various crafts and folk art. Embroidery traces its origins from ancient times. Existing previously as a...

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Santa Claus

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  Size: 21x30 cm Size on the SC.15: 72х88 stitches = 13х16 see You'll need: 2 sheets of cardboard the size of 21x30 cm. Canova linen fabric...

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Track, embroidered cross (Christmas)

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Size: 40x50 cm Size on the SC. 25.1: 92х52 stitch = 24х12,5 cm; the size of the embroidery on the SC. 25.2: 120х64 stitch = 31,5x15 cm You'll need:...

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Cloak on a chair

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    Size 34 x 66 cmYou will need: 40 x 75 cm white linen cloth for the audit of embroidery (103 yarns/10 cm); 40 x 70 cm white cotton fabric; embroidery...

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Postcards with mice and pillow

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        Cards with mice Size 15.5 x 11 cm You'll need: 2 cards with a Mat; canvas Aida; embroidery floss; embroidery needle.Execution of work: for each...

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Decoration on the wall

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    Size 6 x 6 cmYou'll need: 6 hearts 15 x 70 cm white linen cloth for embroidery countable (140 threads/10cm); floss; embroidery needle; 10 x 60 cm...

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Cushion for rings

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    Size 25 x 26 cmYou will need: 40 x 80 cm light green linen fabric for embroidery countable (117 threads/10 cm); floss; embroidery needle; light green zipper...

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    Size 19.5 x 19.5 cmYou will need: 25 x 25 cm white cotton cloth (107 yarns/10 cm); floss; embroidery needle, 25 x 25 cm flizofiks; frame.The execution...

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