Curtains with ties

Hits:829 The curtain-style "Cafe"

  Decorative strings of fabric - one of the finest finishes simple, straight curtains. Ties will be decorated with Drapes of any style and will add a decorative sophistication...

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Curtains on loops (Patach)

Hits:778 The curtain-style "Cafe"

    Curtains, straight curtains hung on a decorative curtain rod through loops of krasivi finishing of the fabric or the main fabric, not only decorate the window opening...

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Blinds - "hourglass"

Hits:823 The curtain-style "Cafe"

       This is one of interesting design options window or doorway. This model will perfectly complement a series of small Windows of the winter garden, veranda or even...

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Blinds - "screen"

Hits:771 The curtain-style "Cafe"

  The curtains on kuliske in the style of "cafe", so-called "grandma's window" is preferred for kitchens, bathrooms, porches of countryside cottages or skylights.They provide some privacy and not...

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Curtains - "top."

Hits:813 The curtain-style "Cafe"

  The excellent design of the upper edge of the curtain of the "t-shirt" complement not only the style of country music, blending ethnic interior design, but also decorate...

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