Tie backs, curtains, curtains

Hits:775 Fabric consumption

VI. Holders Consumption 1 piece at 0.24 m 2 pickup 0.50 m The fabric consumption for 2 wings - 0.60 m     VII. Drapes...

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Hits:704 Fabric consumption

V. Bando l on the ledge + 6 cm for processing

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De frill tselnokrajnimi bell

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IV. De frill shift bell l along the eaves not more than 0.40 m a) The consumption of tissue: h + 5(10) cm to the processingb) l on the ledge...

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Hits:746 Fabric consumption

III. Kokila a) b) l at the eaves are not more than 0.40 m 6 folds) fabric Consumption: h de frill + 5 cm treatment b)...

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De frill

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II. De frill l along the eaves not more than 0.40 m (5 folds) from a fabric with a width of 1.40 m in the weft direction (width 1.40 m)...

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Hits:731 Fabric consumption

a) equilateral swag, peracid, mechanical Smad - l eaves from 0.75 to 1.40 m width 1.40 m The flow fabric 1.40 m x 1.40 m     b) l...

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