Drapes lined

Hits:665 Urban style curtain

(1) - hem the lower edge of the curtain (2) - hem the lower edge of the lining =1/2 bend the lower edge of the curtain. Primatives above the...

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Direct Drapes

Hits:747 Urban style curtain

Straight curtains will decorate any window. They are appropriate in rooms where you want to keep a simple style. Direct Drapes are usually complemented with decorative holders. They can be...

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Urban style curtains

Hits:712 Urban style curtain

This is the most popular and widely used style of decoration of Windows. You can close them to clean up the light, give them an angled, draped shape to create...

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Imperial blind

Hits:698 Urban style curtain

  There are many ways of draping the Windows. One of the most complex is the production of Imperial curtains. This is the most decorative, pompous and grandiose view of the...

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Italian curtains

Hits:852 Urban style curtain

A sketch of Italian curtains.   This style of window decoration is a cross between simple, straight curtains, draped with grabs, and complex "Imperial curtains". They can completely close...

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London curtains

Hits:855 Urban style curtain

Sketch London curtains     London curtains - flat top, but with deep box pleats. They can be located on the edges of the curtains, and also in the...

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Roman blinds

Hits:682 Urban style curtain

      To perform Roman blinds use various fabrics. Choosing the right texture of fabric, color or pattern have a great impact on the perfection of color and...

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Roman blind

Hits:695 Urban style curtain

Sketch Roman curtains           Appearance of curtains reminiscent of the Austrian curtains, distinction consists in the fact that romance curtains are collected in the...

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Austrian blinds

Hits:1133 Urban style curtain

        Austrian curtains are a type of flat curtains which when lifting develop into a beautiful wave-like folds.   Lowered the curtains hang straight...

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The Marquis - French curtain

Hits:752 Urban style curtain

Sketch curtains "the Marchioness"     Curtains not only provide a safe shelter of Your private life, but also serve as beautiful décor.   Wavy French curtains look magnificent...

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The Curtain - Bishop Sleeve

Hits:1197 Urban style curtain

Drapes with a slouchy fit will give the window space grace elegantnosti. Looking magnificent and expensive, they at the same time not difficult izgotovlenii   Calculate the amount of fabric...

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Japanese panel

Hits:769 Urban style curtain

The office - Japanese panel     Sketch - Japanese panel         Japanese panel serve in a modern interior not only for decoration of window...

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The curtains on the eyelets

Hits:746 Urban style curtain

The curtains on the grommets serve not only the interior decorative design of the window, but demarcate areas into zones and space   Sketch Of Living Room...

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The curtains on kuliske

Hits:705 Urban style curtain

When choosing fabric for making curtains and a drawstring closure you need to choose the type of round the cornice and its diameter. Depends on the style of the model...

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Imperial shade with two undercuts

Hits:1189 Urban style curtain

AB - length curtains on the ledge AE - height curtains ready made AB - video part of the curtains BWA is - conformable part of the curtains BG -...

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