The manufacture of the looping spiral

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Drill a hole at the end of a wooden rod, RUB the rod of candle wax and thread the wire end through the hole (see "Fabrication of tapered spiral" ...

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Wrapped spirals

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Clamp the wire end with pliers and bend the wire around one of the sponge to make a small loop. For a spiral with gaps between the...

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The manufacture of looped wire

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Determine the desired length of the hinges and mark on a wooden bar and two dots at this distance. Make two small peg (of pile) from a round wooden rod...

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Manufacturer of tapered spiral

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Drill a hole at the end of a wooden rod, RUB the rod with a piece of candle to wound on a wire is more easily removed. Thread the wire...

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Basic techniques

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WORKING WITH WIRE When working with wire requires caution. Wear gloves to avoid scratches, sharp points, and glasses for eye protection, as otkusannymi piece can bounce in any direction. ...

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Materials for weaving of wire

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Wire come in different thicknesses and colors. Flexible copper wire can be "knitting" on the needles. Solid galvanized — bends only tools. For greater effect, the projects use different types...

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Here are some of the tools that you need to have when working with wire. Although the description of the projects indicated several types of pliers and round nose pliers...

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