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Wire netting

Among the finds in the old Russian burial mounds there are many wire products: temporal rings, pendants, rings, bracelets, chains, chain mail. In the most ancient products, forged wire was used, the production process of which was so laborious that products made of ordinary copper wire were valued as highly as, for example, cast gold and silver.

wire netting

The art of making wire crafts is experiencing a rebirth these days. Our site will allow you to master it and decorate your home with original and useful things.

We all try to make our house cozy, decorate and improve it. Sometimes it is enough some stuff to the atmosphere of the home, "sounded". The proposed material describes in detail jewelry and crafts made of wire, the creation of which will bring you many minutes of joy.

Here are some of the tools that you need to have when working with wire. Although the description of the...
Materials for weaving of wire
Wire come in different thicknesses and colors. Flexible copper wire can be "knitting" on the needles. Solid galvanized — bends...
Basic techniques
WORKING WITH WIRE When working with wire requires caution. Wear gloves to avoid scratches, sharp points, and glasses for eye...
Manufacturer of tapered spiral
Drill a hole at the end of a wooden rod, RUB the rod with a piece of candle to wound...
The manufacture of looped wire
Determine the desired length of the hinges and mark on a wooden bar and two dots at this distance. Make...
Wrapped spirals
Clamp the wire end with pliers and bend the wire around one of the sponge to make a small loop.
The manufacture of the looping spiral
Drill a hole at the end of a wooden rod, RUB the rod of candle wax and thread the wire...