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Want to show everyone what you can do? Want to compete with others in needlework? We want to give the opportunity to show your creations to a wide audience, to declare ourselves as a talented person. We are pleased to organize and hold a competition. And no matter what you do: beading, knitting or making homemade soap. The winner is chosen by other needlewomen using a vote. And the prizes go to the best.

needlework competition

Unfortunately, we ourselves are not able to hold a competition without sponsors. Therefore, if someone wants to act as a sponsor - we will be happy. In addition, for the sponsoring company this may serve as additional advertising.

The winners of our contests
Amateur contest "Easter" 1st place: Hutsul Pysanka. Author: SZUCS Gabriella, 4 class Mukachevo gymnasium, Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region. Director: Kireev, S.