When performing actions with fabrics, knitwear, non-woven cloths and leather to create garments, bags, textile interior items or toys, there are three kinds of jobs: hand, machine and wet-heat.
HANDMADE: introductory
Handmade is the alpha and omega of all. Sewing machines were invented during the second half of the XVIII century, but before that people did not walk naked, that is all worked out handles.

Even now in many high quality products - men's suits, formal ladies ' toilets are not designed for the mass market, the share of manual labor is VERY high. Therefore, the subject is entitled to have devoted some time.

A decent man will not be busy with repair and modernization of anything, be it machine or faucet, without the appropriate tools and manual sewing work without them can not do. Moreover, the quality of the scissors, and chalk may depend on the outcome of the case. And mood masters - 100%.
Therefore, consider the sequence of tools which can be used, and then discuss the ways of its application in practice and the words that tailors often pronounced when sewing, that is, the terminology of manual work.

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