Hits:1316 Leather goods

Will talk about simple and sophisticated, classic and avant-garde, but always beautiful wares - jewelry, belts, bracelets. These products you will be happy to wear ourselves and will always be...

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Table decorations

Hits:1275 Leather goods

Leather you can perform the interesting and unusual table decorations. Well, if the same style is made of jewelry of several types. For example, napkins for paper napkins and rings...

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Watch "Golden bouquet"

Hits:1456 Leather goods

The product is a panel with clock, decorated with garden and wild flowers - dahlias, daisies, "Golden ball", dandelions, and leaves and stems.   Besides the skin, you...

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Watch "Rose garden"

Hits:1012 Leather goods

We will need a flat electronic watch with a round dial, cardboard for the base and skin of average thickness of four or five colors, well combined with each other...

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Mural: House and landscape

Hits:1095 Leather goods

Decoration any room in your house can serve as panels depicting flowers, landscape, still life or a utilitarian thing - for example, hours, - decorated in an unusual way. Panels...

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Brooches, pendants, necklaces, different sets

Hits:1016 Leather goods

Of thin skin based on the old large icon, you can make an elegant brooch. If there is no suitable icon, a basis will have to make yourself, but having...

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Skin treatment

Hits:1389 Leather goods

Skin treatment can be restorative and decorative. The restoration is subjected to a primarily leather from old products: it is necessary to return the "marketable". This sewn leather products strut...

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Materials and tools

Hits:1536 Leather goods

Material for relatively small products are the trimming of skin from kits sold in stores "DIY". You can try to purchase a waste in the Studio and leather goods, or...

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The history of leather goods

Hits:1032 Leather goods

Leather is one of the oldest materials used by people. Ancient people sew from her plain garments, made snares, belts, bags, shoes... Despite the purely utilitarian items, even then people...

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Hits:1389 Leather goods

Here are two examples design of a notebook (or diary), covered with skin. Front side covers can be decorated any pattern -trees, flowers, urban landscape, just geometric patterns. If you...

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Tiger Lily (panel)

Hits:912 Leather goods

For the manufacture of this panel, will need frame (same as for panel "Hops"), a piece of veneer, thin yellow and brown skin of medium thickness.   Cut the...

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Leather + stone

Hits:946 Leather goods

Leather looks nice in combination with other natural materials, such as wood, ceramics, stones. With the use of wooden beads of different shapes in the leather products we are already...

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Hops (panel)

Hits:964 Leather goods

Hops can not be called "flower" in the conventional sense of the word. Nonetheless carved leaves and unusual earrings of this plant looks so decorative that often are the source...

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