Felting wool. Master class on making bags

Hits:1101 Master class

This work will be presented dry and wet felting wool (master class). When decorating bags with valve is used feliziani yarn for knitting and tops. Wet felting wool. Master classMaterials: 200 g...

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How to decorate Easter eggs

Hits:871 Master class

Way of decorating eggs-in this master class is very simple and most of you are well known. We need Styrofoam eggs, a sharp knife, lace, decorative ribbons and glue. ...

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Easter eggs bead master class

Hits:1050 Master class

Easter eggs beaded (master grade) is better to start to weave in advance - then just make the gift and family and friends for the main Orthodox holiday in...

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How to make an Easter wreath out of ribbon

Hits:987 Master class

In this master class we will tell (and show photos) how you can make wreaths from ribbon, to be exact - Easter wreath from ribbons. You will...

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Necklace and bracelet of beads, beads and horns

Hits:1134 Master class

In this master class offer you to make a necklace and bracelet of beads, beads and horns.   Materials: Thick brown and beige threads Woolen yarn Jute twine Fishing line Beads wooden, ceramic, various shapes and colors Beads Narrow...

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Master class beaded necklace "Thais"

Hits:952 Master class

You will need:   beads No. 11 dark-brown iris; beads No. 15 dark-brown iris; beads number 15 gold inside; bead Swarovski brown size 10×20 mm; pearl beads are dark...

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A master class in Minsk on wet felting for beginners

Hits:848 Master class

Long known that the best - not what is bought in expensive stores, and something over which the master worked patiently spending skills, and time. If You have a...

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Stand for a mug "Heart". Master class and crochet

Hits:1020 Master class

Very often such a desire to do something very pleasant your loved one. To do with their hands the thing that carries the love and care. To do this, and...

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Master class: Openwork lamp from the egg

Hits:1031 Master class

During Easter stylish decorations help to make the festive mood in your home. Easter egg that seems fine French lace, very elegant decoration. Let your imagination to help create a...

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Easter egg satin ribbons

Hits:1015 Master class

You will need: Styrofoam egg size selected tape in selected colors sequins and studs In this master class we used...

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Booties crochet 3-6 months. Master-class and a step by step description

Hits:1252 Master class

We offer you to associate your child (age 3-6 months) baby booties crochet. Master-class and a step by step description will help to cope with the difficult moments. For little...

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Master class. Making a Christmas horse felt

Hits:1054 Master class

    Materials. Options patterns.   For making horses need: felt sheet 1 mm thick, any filler (cotton wool, tissue paper, etc.), beads, rhinestones...

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