Master class

Decorative and applied art of each nation is characterized by a pronounced originality, which is in a certain way related to the conditions of his residence, employment, nature, materials used and established traditions. The skill of creation and design of household items was transferred, as a rule, from father to son, from mother to daughter. Over time, this tradition has been broken for objective and subjective reasons.

At the present stage of the learning process, there are many forms and ways of learning; seminars, creative workshops, workshops, courses, etc.the most popular form of training – were holding master classes. The technique of the master class allows in detail and in a short time to master the manufacture of any product in any of the techniques of decorative, applied and traditional art.

This Chapter of our site – a guide that is designed to equip the leaders of clubs, sections, teachers, craftsmen and creative people who want to learn how to make interesting products with their hands "secrets" of decorative and applied art.

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