Earrings and pendant "Jade Lotus"

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Product weight: earrings (pair) - 6.6 grams pendant 11.8 grams Materials silver earrings — 2 pieces; silver memory wire with small diameter is 2.5 round; T - shaped...

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Earrings and pendant "Antique amber"

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Product weight: earrings (pair) — 5.0 grams pendant 16.7 grams Materials gold memory wire with large diameter - round 2; T — shaped Golden clove (Pina) — 3...

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Beads "Autumn waltz"

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You will need: large plastic round beads combined coloring with transverse ribbing, large plastic round beads with transverse ribbing of laces matching the coloring of the same size as...

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"Blue lagoon"

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You will need: round plastic beads with blue and turquoise flowers, plastic beads with a turquoise color, small plastic pale blue transparent faceted oval beads, one large round bead with...

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Crown beaded

Hits:930 Ideas

Crown – a necessary accessory for a true Princess. Just an indispensable thing for girls who are going to wear festive attire. Crown of beads To make a...

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Bird of the bicone

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Here such simple birds, you will be able to make bicone if you try a little. Moreover, detailed tutorial explains all the strange moments and nuances. Birds of...

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The wonders of wire

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We have you made ornaments out of wire and beads, and even studied the basics of such combinations. Now it's time to think about such ideas, and to make this...

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Small flower round beads

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An interesting motif that can be a pendant or keychain. Such a nice accessory to wear or to gift it to your dear person. Flower round beads For...

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Monogram beaded

Hits:942 Ideas

Monogram is a combination of letters of the name. Usually, these characters have signed personal documents, letters, marked embroidery or even patterns. Today we will teach you to do the...

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Candle holder in advance of Easter

Hits:1263 Ideas

Soon we are waiting for the great feast to which you want to prepare thoroughly. First and foremost, it concerns pleasant attributes, without which the holiday is complete. Candle...

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Wood beads in the interior

Hits:4171 Ideas

The new year has passed, but we offer you the idea that you can use for the next fun holiday. The tree for the new year   You will need different-sized wooden beads...

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A little souvenir

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The question "what to give" is probably one of the most urgent. You always want to gift someone close with something unique, beautiful, and hand made. And here begins the...

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Card for the spring holiday

Hits:807 Ideas

March crept up very quietly, and with it the spring. On the nose the main holiday of this month – March 8. It's time to look for options to gift...

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Summer wreath of wooden beads

Hits:932 Ideas

Summer is long enough, but this does not prevent us to dream. And to add to your interior some bright colors that will help to dream, we suggest you do...

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The original wreath from beads

Hits:1080 Ideas

Modifications of this wreath can be many, all will depend on the beads you choose, its shape and color. How to make a wreath out of beads and wire   To work you...

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Gift for four-legged pet

Hits:890 Ideas

Usually, we make gifts only to your family, people. But, many of us have Pets that are family members. Why not treat your favorite dog original gift – a pendant...

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The original motive for the pendant

Hits:859 Ideas

And today we suggest you make like the original motif, which can be used both as a pendant and as a keychain. Original pendant   You will need a...

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A simple garland of beads

Hits:834 Ideas

Here's a wreath we offer you to make. The model and execution is very simple, so they are easy to handle even a novice. A wreath of beads  ...

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Idea for a pendant

Hits:793 Ideas

In our last post we've been a little distracted from the heart of the subject, and now returning to it with renewed vigor. That's the idea for the original pendant...

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Another floral motif

Hits:931 Ideas

Need to digress from the heart of the topic, and remember that in addition to them the beading is still a lot of interesting things. This flower can become a...

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Small beaded dresses

Hits:882 Ideas

Who said that the beads should only be worn by people? Here, for example, that such beauty will decorate any doll. Especially in light of the fact that now there...

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The combination of wire and beads

Hits:10894 Ideas

We already repeatedly faced with products from beads and wire, the combination of these materials allows us to create truly original masterpieces. And speech here not only about the jewelry...

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Bright candle holder

Hits:836 Ideas

This version of the candle holder more suitable for those who love bright colors, shades, and joy of life. Having house things such colors, it is difficult to follow a...

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Decor flip flops

Hits:826 Ideas

Digress a little from the holiday hustle and bustle and take a look in your Shoe wardrobe. It is the time to undertake audit, and to hide all the junk...

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Elena Noel

Hits:1778 Ideas

Our current gallery will be dedicated to the artisan original jewelry from beads and our compatriot – Elena Noel. So far, we exhibited mainly the works of Western masters, so...

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Table decorations from beads

Hits:864 Ideas

For the big day every detail is important, every single thing that we use for registration. And we should not forget that for the table also need to think of...

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Box of beads

Hits:860 Ideas

And today we have a more complex lesson, we will learn to weave a beautiful box of glass beads. Such a lesson is requested by many of our readers, so...

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Another option for knitting with beads

Hits:1012 Ideas

We have talked about how to put beads in knitting, to knit the product turned out more enjoyable and original. But it was those moments when the beads needed in...

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How to quickly and cheaply redo a chandelier

Hits:791 Ideas

Even the most ordinary chandelier is a designer, if it is a little bit to try. And we just offer you to familiarize yourself with the idea the wonderful wizard...

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Embroidered pumpkin for Halloween

Hits:905 Ideas

Continue preparing for the scariest holiday of the year – to All the Saints. And the most striking symbol of this momentous event is pumpkin. So today we are going...

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Again, the beads in the interior

Hits:890 Ideas

Every lucky owner of a PC or laptop over time accumulated a huge amount of hard drives that are no longer suitable for work or writing on them. Many famous...

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Interesting details

Hits:1084 Ideas

Each pendant is made of beads, in itself an ornament. But what if you want to decorate it further? You can sheathe pendant extra rows of beads to make a...

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Frame for storing earrings

Hits:874 Ideas

We have already done a lot of different pleasant things that help you to complement your look. It's time to talk about how to keep them. By the way, to...

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Hook and beads. Knit flower

Hits:894 Ideas

Knitted jewelry with beads are very popular all over the world. So we will not lag behind and try to associate a single element, which will be the detail in...

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Decorate flip flops for the summer

Hits:849 Ideas

Why spend a lot of money on designer shoes, when of the simplest flip flops you can make a very beautiful option. And assistant in this case, you will become...

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Macrame and beads

Hits:959 Ideas

The basis includes macrame braiding knots of varying complexity. Typically macrame is used to weave jewelry or different things for the interior. And recently, macrame began to be used in...

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Tie necklace

Hits:878 Ideas

We have already mentioned about how to knit jewelry with beads knitting, and work a bead a rope with a hook. This knitted necklace from beads is slightly different from...

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Winter fairy bead

Hits:885 Ideas

The so-called wreath, which we're doing tonight. Why the winter? Yes, because the main color is cool blue, and blue. The true colors of winter. Although, nothing prevents you to...

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Beads and hangers for clothes

Hits:964 Ideas

It is difficult to imagine a single wardrobe of any person, where there were not hangers. And this is a common accessory for storing clothes has no interest, and it...

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A consummate artist Dustin Wedekind

Hits:1292 Ideas

Today more and more people are addicted to beading. And it should be noted that a lot of people, if not reached perfection, it is very close to this. For...

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As sheathing is not round cabochon

Hits:845 Ideas

Often we are faced with master classes on how to sheathe a round cabochon for pendant. And today we are going to learn to work with not round cabochon shape...

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Headband hair, or knitting needles with beads

Hits:1186 Ideas

Knitted items are most popular because with proper skill, you can create designer clothes and accessories. For example, the headband will not only help you to cope with makeup, but...

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Several schemes for Halloween

Hits:872 Ideas

Continue to develop holiday-themed. And today we have been on the agenda of various schemes of netting original images. Machinery - brick, that is, nothing complicated. By the way, thanks...

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Beads and origami

Hits:898 Ideas

And here's another interesting model. Here are the earrings in the manufacture of which you can try yourself not only in beading, but with origami. Earrings with origami...

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Beaded jewelry. Scheme to earrings and necklaces

Hits:1600 Ideas

We offer you to weave beaded jewelry. Schemes with detailed step by step description for earrings and necklaces will explain the difficult moments. Might be interested in this fascinating...

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"Ogalala" the Technique of weaving with beads

Hits:4123 Ideas

"Oglala" or "Ogallala" — now quite a common technique of beadweaving. The name she got from one of the seven tribes of the Lakota nation (Lakota). Author of "Indian...

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Gift wrap

Hits:890 Ideas

I wanted to pack a gift for your fiance in a beautiful and unusual paper. Bright and shiny coloring that offer in supermarkets, I'm pretty bored, so I decided to...

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Beaded frame for stone

Hits:800 Ideas

In this article, you will learn how to make a frame for the stone. Work order 1. Measure the circumference of the stone and weave the chain "cross" with...

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