Hand weaving beaded

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Hand weaving is a two — way netting, running on hand (no machine). This method is used to get covers and braids of various items — Easter eggs, vases...

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Simulation technique of weaving beads

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To weave, solid beaded fabric, virtually indistinguishable from woven, thread and one needle as follows: Type in the thread the beads for the first row according to the pattern...

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Make the machine for weaving beads

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For weaving beads is more important than the machine itself, how well a stretched thread. That is why it is possible to make the machine themselves, using available materials. By...

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The technique of weaving with beads

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So you fired up to create. Stocked up on loom, beads, thread and pattern. What to do with all this splendor then? First check, whether you have smooth beads. Do...

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A few words about weaving beaded

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We are all about the present, what is the weaving. At school we were told that the fabric is composed of yarns-warp and transverse threads (weft). What would happen if...

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