We already repeatedly faced with products from beads and wire, the combination of these materials allows us to create truly original masterpieces. And speech here not only about the jewelry in pendants or earrings, but the interior decor items.


We offer you a small gallery that will help you to get inspiration for the creation of such products. For example, if you doubt your abilities, pay your attention to this article, or this one. Here shows you the basic rules of working with wire and beads.

By the way, if you want, you can still poke around on our website, we have more options make different decorations using wire and beads. Although, it would seem that the metal and glass are materials that are very difficult to combine between them. However, the delights of craftsmen and craftswomen do not cease to amaze us.

Very fine work looks original and unusual. Although, to make it all not so difficult, the main thing — to know the principle. By the way, to achieve the desired effect it is helpful to use different wire colors. It is important to choose the appropriate size to the wire easily passed through the bead holes.

But the basis is the thicker wire, which can keep good form. Working with her will be difficult, but created decoration will have well-defined outlines.

By the way, another option for filling beading wire basics you can find here. So, as you can see, a little imagination, and you have to make these very original jewelry, pictures of which we showed you. The main thing – do not be afraid to look for new solutions in the world of beads and to combine different materials together to create extraordinary masterpieces.

By the way, each of the options can be not only a nice addition to the interior, but also a brooch, or a pendant, or even decoration on the waist.

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