Unusual color wiring

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Bundles of beads can be used in different ways. For example, they may become a necklace or used as keychain pendant. But some choices are beaded harness so original, that...

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Beaded harness and its modifications

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About the weaving tight harness we talked about. But, in this case, we talk about options modifying it. That is how you can decorate a normal bead harness.  ...

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A tight bundle of beads

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A tight bundle is woven in the same way as usual, with only one difference: in each loop set is one bead. Look at the picture and notice that the...

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Bundle of beads and bugles

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Harness with glass beads looks pretty impressive. The principle of such a netting product is different from the normal harness that instead of one bead in the product is inserted...

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The basis of weaving plait bead

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Despite the fancy look, the harness is lagging quite simple: Dial 7 beads and connect them in a ring, passing the needle through the first bead. Then dial...

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