For beginners – how to braid a bead in a circle

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Today we will learn to braid bead, but not the easiest way and tricky. The result is a blank you can use as ring and buttons, or even to design...

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Learning to weave Christmas stitch

Hits:833 Weaving techniques

Today we offer you to learn how to weave an original Christmas stitch which their appearance is very similar to the rows of Ndebele. It will be interesting to look...

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An unusual variant of weaving

Hits:851 Weaving techniques

So, we offer to your attention an unusual variant of weaving earrings, bracelet or even necklace. You can make even the whole kit, but most interesting is that so you...

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Banded bead wire product on the basis of

Hits:798 Weaving techniques

Bead product, which is based on part of the wire can take any form. Flexible base allows you to create the most fantastic shapes, which remain for a long time...

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How to weave brick in a circle

Hits:956 Weaving techniques

In General, in the world of beads a huge number of different ways and kinds of weaving, which allow you to create original jewelry. Today we will learn to weave...

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Square (tight) weave

Hits:947 Weaving techniques

Today I want to talk to You about this type of weaving as a square, yet it is called dense, and at the same time to give a master class...

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Original stitch

Hits:909 Weaving techniques

Today we are going to learn how to make the original stitch. In consequence of this method of weaving can be used to create bracelets and weaving necklace. Universal stitch...

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Japanese seed beads, tila

Hits:889 Weaving techniques

This new type of beads is similar to the usual squares, but with two holes. Quite unusual material from which it is possible to make very beautiful products. For example...

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Paisley is a new pattern in the world of beadwork

Hits:886 Weaving techniques

Paisley is a pattern, which is one of the main components of Irish lace, which is knitted by a hook. However, this element recently began to appear and actively used...

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Pinning threads with beading

Hits:899 Weaving techniques

An important factor, in addition to the technique of beadweaving, is the fixing of the threads in the process. There are a few simple ways of fixing the thread...

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Entanglement rhinestones

Hits:872 Weaving techniques

A beaded or rhinestone cabochon has two sides — front and back. The front side should cover the convex part and should not be too broad. Because it is intended...

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Weave "Herringbone"

Hits:787 Weaving techniques

This method of weaving is used more than 200 years the women of the tribe Ndebele in South Africa (sorry, Russian name of this tribe I do not know :)...

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The technique of weaving bulk items

Hits:828 Weaving techniques

Technique is similar to three-dimensional "cross", but the node is not 4, but 3 beads. Literally "pulling" a single bead, we obtain a new scheme. Its advantage is that the...

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The technique of braiding with beads eggs

Hits:849 Weaving techniques

For braiding will need beads of the same size and piece of wood in the form of eggs. First you need to bead weave a cloth of such size that...

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Weave Coral

Hits:815 Weaving techniques

Corals, crystals of frost, woven in the technique used to finish necklaces, earrings. Here you will learn about the technique of weaving separate branches of "coral". Options for jewelry and...

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The technique of braiding beads

Hits:765 Weaving techniques

The beaded beads - very beautiful reception in beading. Look of braided beads: To do something similar quite difficult. You need to take the bead in the desired...

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Weaving a complex flower

Hits:816 Weaving techniques

Volumetric flower - a rather beautiful decoration. Several of these flowers can be used for decoration of clothing, jewelry bead, and one can weave a necklace, simply by connecting the...

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Netting "Area"

Hits:889 Weaving techniques

In beading we often face a wide range of surround colors. In this article we will tell you how to make a leaf for this flower. It should be noted...

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Scheme weave beaded "Mosaic"

Hits:1667 Weaving techniques

In this method of weaving the beads are very close to each other, the fabric is very dense. The beads are arranged relative to each other in a staggered manner...

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The weave pattern Grid

Hits:845 Weaving techniques

Under this scheme, the beading is lagging most of the jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, belt... Especially often this scheme is used in a variety of collars. The mesh can be...

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The mount locks to the product

Hits:795 Weaving techniques

Clasps can be attached to the product directly or by means of clamps, bells, studs. With clips lock is attached in the following way: At the end of...

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Lesson for beginners craftswomen

Hits:917 Weaving techniques

The beading is based on two simple ways of weaving beads: Let's try to weave a simple chain on the basis of the second method of weaving...

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