Beads "Stone tale"

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You will need: beads of various shapes of semi-precious stones combined colors (white, green, beige etc), plastic spacer beads gold, fishing line, screw clasp, scissors. On the fishing...

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Beads "Coral reef"

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You will need: plastic beads of various shapes "under coral" mixed reddish colors (from bright to pale), fishing line, hook back closure, scissors, pliers. 1. On the fishing line...

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Necklace with floral motif

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Make a necklace is not difficult. Need supplies and a little time. Summery and charming option to adorn your delicate neck, and emphasize the femininity. Master class on...

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Bright summer necklace

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Everyone loves a bright and colorful decoration that can help to emphasize a positive mood and joy. Moreover, it is difficult to think of anything more appropriate summer days. Suggest...

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Weave necklace with leaves

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This technique of weaving somewhat similar to corals, which we have already discussed in one of our articles. But, nevertheless, slightly different, that's why we decided to give it a...

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How to make a necklace out of fabric and beads

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Of course, summer time is already receding, but in many regions you will have many warm days. Just what we need in order to flaunt in the new necklace made...

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Bead necklace. The weave pattern

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For many centuries the beads were used to decorate various accessories, clothing and even interior. Jewelry from this material used and continue to be in great demand. And not surprisingly...

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Cloth and beads, a new take on decoration

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The combination of unusual materials sometimes gives a surprising result. For example, we all know that beads were most often strung on a thread or fishing line, woven into various...

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Scheme weave necklace

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Today we digress from the colorful master-classes and refer to schemes of beadweaving. Some of them do not require detailed description, especially when everything is written quite clear and obvious...

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Turquoise summer necklace

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Turquoise is always considered a stone that brings good luck. Let our necklace turquoise recalls only its color, but it does not prevent to believe in his magical abilities. And...

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Necklace in gift with their own hands

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As a rule, the idea of gifts visits us too late, when time finding something original is not enough and to buy it if only it was, too, do not...

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Amazing necklace for a few minutes

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This necklace is quite possible to make at home, if find all the necessary materials. Time it will take the minimum, and the result will be just stunning. A necklace...

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Rainbow necklace

Hits:896 Necklace

The window is now summer, and the wardrobe begin to appear really bright things. Why not add to their rainbow necklace made with your own hands? Rainbow necklace...

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Necklace – ice drops

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In the hot summer weather is not enough of something cool and refreshing. How about droplets of ice? Only do we have beads and beading. Necklace — Ice...

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Gold weave necklace

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Suggest you to start working on that this evening decoration. It is suitable for any fancy dress. A gold necklace with his own hands You will need: Bicone Gold beads Golden round beads Faceted beads Fishing...

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The Princess - a beaded necklace. Scheme

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Want to look like a Princess or the Princess? Then weave yourself a beautiful beaded necklace. Diagrams and step-by-step description of the work, will help you with this. You will...

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Selenium. Bead necklace

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Material: the Golden beads — 30 grams. beads "cat's eye" in the form of "resin" — 21 pieces beads — multicolored, faceted, different diameter, 105-107 PCs.   First weave...

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Necklace of beads "Winter's tale"

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Abalone is mother of pearl, the source of which are single shell mollusks of the genus Haliotis, which translated from Greek means "sea ear".   To complete a beaded necklace...

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Necklace "Gori yasno"

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  Corals are the skeletons of colonies of marine organisms of coelenterates consisting of calcite or aragonite with an admixture of oxides of iron and manganese. Corals grow very slowly, forming reefs...

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Necklace "Rich land"

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  Tiger eye belongs to the group of eye quartz which are considered to be powerful amulets. This metaphorical they got the name because when cut in the cabochon shape on...

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Necklace with pearl shell

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The ornament, which we have presented in this section contains the sink in the entanglement as a Central element. Shell of rather large size, approximately oval shaped, although irregular shapes...

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Set "Evening reflections"

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According to the scheme used in the bracelet Contrasts using other materials, you can make a set. It consists of a bracelet and a necklace, which, of course, plays a...

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Necklace "Cleopatra"

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Woven on a needle. Product length - 45 cm (internal diameter). To give a description of netting is not necessary, as in the figure depicts all pretty transparent: ...

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Necklace "Flower"

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The product has the following form: Lagging on the scheme of "Mosaic", podpletennaya - scheme "coral" on the end of which is flowers. Here is a diagram of...

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Necklace "Evening"

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The product is woven on a needle, use seed beads and bugle beads. First, lagging the main part, then podpletennaya. The weave pattern is quite simple and standard, how to...

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Necklace "Svetlana"

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The necklace is woven on a needle according to the scheme given below. Use beads and bugles, which, if desired, can be replaced by a wheelhouse. Choker volume is obtained...

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Necklace and earrings "coral"

Hits:854 Necklace

In the basis of the product - any chain (see a few options of weaving in the section "Baubles, chains and bracelets." The length of the chain is the best...

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A set of "Rowan"

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The bracelet in this set is:   The product is woven on two needles, pretty tight. The algorithm is netting the next. Bracelet: 1. Dial 7 beads and 1 bead, close...

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The set of "Northern lights"

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The weave pattern is taken from an old collection of "handmade", color - my own. The colors on the chart are not specified, as in this case, in my opinion...

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Collar "Elegance"

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This olejnicek saw on a lady in London. He trudges elementary, and looks amazing! The color, the length, number and size of the beads in the segments can be varied...

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Blue necklace

Hits:841 Necklace

The product is done very easily as follows:

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Necklace "Sea breeze"

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The product is done in three stages: first, lagging top, then the bottom. In the third stage, these two parts are connected. Braid strictly according to the pattern (pattern)...

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