"Branch coral"

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Product weight: 41,9 grams Materials silver memory wire with large diameter — ¾ revolution; silver memory wire with a small diameter — 1 turn; fishing line for crafts...

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Pendant "Wild rose"

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Product weight: 41,9 grams Materials silver memory wire with large diameter is 1 and 1/6 of a revolution; jewelry cord — 1.2 meters; crimp (clamps) silver — 20 pieces; roundels with red crystals with a...

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Earrings of round beads

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Here are the earrings to make a very simple, fast. Just one night and you have a new jewelry, which will emphasize your mood. Earrings round beads For...

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Decorate the rim

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Bezel – accessory, which is designed not only to help deal with unruly hair but to emphasize our mood and create a new image. Decorate plain bezel by yourself ...

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Floral ring

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Amazing romantic ring will add to your collection of beaded jewelry. Moreover, we have already made the bracelet with this floral element. The ring will help you to create a...

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Rainbow ring beaded

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Today we offer you make here is an interesting ring. Very suitable for lovers of bright and great jewelry. By the way, this ring can please not only adult, but...

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How to decorate a scarf

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And so, jewelry is certainly good, but I would like to see the beads directly in the clothes to imagine how favorite crafts to use in the design of your...

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Pendant with hearts

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This necklace can be done at any age. It is so simple to implement that will not cause difficulties even for children. Pendant with hearts   To work you...

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How to decorate a wedding invisible beads and beads

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A wedding is a great event to which to aspire the majority of the fair sex. Of course, there is a lot of attention is paid not only to the...

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Spiral decoration from wire and beads

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Here is the ornament we suggest you to do, aside from the holiday. It is not difficult to make, despite the fact that the work is quite laborious. The resulting...

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Volumetric heart bead

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A distinctive feature of this model, it can be done from the large bead and beads, including bicone. In any case, the heart will look interesting and attractive. Good idea...

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Weave scheme – round earrings

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And today we have here are the original round earrings that are perfect for any informal outfit for going to the movies or for a walk with friends. Simple round earrings...

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Simple hearts bead

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Begin to dive into themes on February 14, a day we know as Valentine's day. Naturally, the main symbol of this day – the heart that you bring a gift...

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Case beaded

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Options to make such a case is actually a lot. We invite you to weave it in a very simple technique and a small gallery of existing models, let them...

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Iridescent earrings

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Let's try to bring some bright colors in the white winter shades. You can do this with decorations that are hand made. For example, here are iridescent earrings will remind...

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Pendant snake with your hands

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This brand has long been known, and its popularity does not fall with time, but rather is constantly growing. And the thing is that these manufacturers, in fact, glass products...

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Long bead earrings, beads and wire

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And again, we refer to this original technique, in which is interwoven flexible wire and beads. Very beautiful and original earrings made of wire, we offer you to make today...

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Earrings in the form of stars

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Today we offer you to upgrade your decoration and add to them here is an option – a very delicate earring in the shape of stars. Just what you need...

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Earrings snowmen

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First day of winter passed, and in most cities has already fallen the first pure snow. It's time for sculpting snowmen. Today the article is dedicated to all lovers of...

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Bow beaded

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We offer you the option of decorating the glass to make the new year brighter and more memorable.   The new year is really magical holiday, warmest memories from...

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How to make a simple pendant with a cross

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Today we will continue to prepare decorations for the Christmas outfit. And this time on the agenda of the original pendant is simple. Especially those who knows how to weave...

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Pendant in the form of a leaf

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Today we are going to remember the rules to operate the dome, of which I will make like the original pendant.   For work we need: 3 green...

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Baby ring bead

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We offer you today to create a small ring of beads. Great for those little fashionistas who collect your jewelry box. Moreover, this option they can do themselves, under the...

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Hello Kitty from faceted beads

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Few people today do not know about this most popular cat in the world. Its image can be found not only in bedding, toys, accessories, laptops, computers and even cars...

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Opletenii glass bowls beaded

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With this braid, you will be able to make a normal, unremarkable Cup, real decoration of the table. In addition, it can be a decent piece of furniture. So the...

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Oval beaded pendant

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We continue to fill the box new bead delights that will help to make your image unique. Today we offer you to make oval pendant bead which will be a...

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A very simple bead ring

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Rings bead will fit not only an adult but a child. Especially because you can make them with the children. Nothing complicated in their manufacture is not expected, so the...

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Pendant and a ring in the form of a spider

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This unusual decoration will proudly take a place in your jewelry box, or will be a nice gift for a loved one. The basis of this set includes a spider...

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Original bracelet of wooden beads

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Wood is a marvelous, warm and a very nice material for making different kinds of jewelry, interior items, furniture. And among all this magnificence options you can find wooden beads...

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How to make a candle holder from the beads and studs

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Candles help us to create the atmosphere of coziness and romance from the comfort of home. And better if they are in a holder, which will give a smooth glow...

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Original tab

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And this option will appeal to lovers of reading. It is very difficult to enjoy a book when you have no bookmarks – then have to search long for a...

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Knitted set (spectacle case and cosmetic bag)

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The kit consists of the spectacle case and beauticians. They are connected by the hook (columns without nakida) of floss grey in 6 strands with plastic beads (diameter 3.5—4...

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Material: Beads (No. 10/0) — 35 g dark green, 35 g of white, 12 g in yellow, 12 g green 20 g brilliant green. Job description: Cellular field and...

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Cube keychain

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Material: Small beads (No. 10/0) -10 g blue, 2 g white, 2 g blue, wooden cube. a side of 2 cm, 6-7 cm of wire, 20-30 cm cord. Job...

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Napkin with eagle

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Material: Large beads (n 6/0) — 100 g transparent, 35 g in black, 15 g yellow, g 5 green, 5 g pearl and, in addition, 9 red, 8 light...

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Set for spices

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Material: 2 spice jars (4-4,5 cm in diameter), having a contraction of "neck" at the top and bottom caps; the small beads (No. 11/0) 35 g cream, 10...

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Blue vase

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Material: Small pharmacy bottle (5.5 cm in height, 2.3 cm in diameter) small beads (No. 11/0)-5 g white, 4 g dark blue, blue 3 g, 1 lightning and...

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Red vase

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Material: Small souvenir vase (4 cm in height and 3.5 cm in diameter); about 20 grams of seed beads (No. 10/0) and 5 g of white, pink, cherry and gold...

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Shaving brush

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Material: Shaving brush with handle in the shape of a barrel, beads — 5 g small crimson shiny (No. 11/0), 3 g white larger (n 9/0)...

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Murals with dragonflies

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Material: 8 medium-sized blue beads (3-4 mm in diameter) and 14 small blue beads (2-2. 5 mm in diameter) for dragonfly; 3 yellow and 3 green beads for...

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Ballpoint pen

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The handle is woven in the technique of "Cross" from the tip, which we usually write {:-) For a start splitem a chain of 4 stitches (beads No. 10/0...

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Bottle pletena beads

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In this article I will tell how to do this "vase" for your beaded flowers: We should start with the selection of bottles that you want to bead around. I took...

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Keychain beaded

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Surely you know what it looks like beaded fabric woven on a special machine. A strip of beads which are arranged as cells on a chess Board. Woven fabric can...

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