Original flower bead and wire

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This option is perfect for those who have in the box a lot of the remnants of various of beads and beads. Like to make your own products enough. And...

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Bead flower

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We already faced that in the world of beads, new beads that have not one, but whole two holes. This gives great scope for imagination in where and how they...

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More bouquets from beads from Victoria

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In this post we offer you just to admire the author's flowers, trees, bouquets from beads that are beautifully designed by the author in pots, vases and baskets!  ...

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Weave beaded hyacinth with their hands

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Just springtime, a time of lush bouquets and vivid sensations. Everything is awakening and our soul requires adventure, and Amateur talent of expression. We suggest you not to buy real...

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Lucerna bead

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In General, alfalfa is a flower, very attractive and delicate. And today it will be the basis of our ring. A great decoration for anyone who loves summer and bright...

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Beading. Flowers violets

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Materials: beads (No. 10), 2 g of white, pink 15 g, 25 g green wire Burgundy Size: arbitrary.   Step-by-step description of netting Violet flower (9 pieces): every...

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The basket of flowers. The color schemes of beaded

Hits:816 Flowers from beads

Materials: thin 0.67 m tape, moss green (No. 20), width 13 mm wire of medium thickness bead number 6 mother of pearl brown, red, green beads No. 8 matte...

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Rose bead (+ schema)

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First consider the circular technique of wire braiding which is made of twigs, butterfly and rose bead. On the right end of the wire is 50-60 cm long make...

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Scheme weaving of beads mentioned in some of our articles about weaving flowers

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NEEDLE WEAVING BEADS The needle technique of weaving with beads is used to perform thin, pointed petals (chrysanthemum, Daisy), stamens, sprigs of pine, spruce, etc. For the development...

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Primrose flower bead

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Beaded flowers are definitely beautiful and attract attention. You can make many different colors of "flavors" and colors and make a stunning bouquet that makes a wonderful gift or decoration...

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