It is difficult to imagine a single wardrobe of any person, where there were not hangers. And this is a common accessory for storing clothes has no interest, and it is in vain. It can become a real decoration of your locker. To your attention are submitted to the hanger bead.


By the way, the shoulders extend our life to things. Although, this few people think. You should start with the fact that the folded thing at a time erased, it appears in the folds and creases. All this greatly reduces the life of your favorite jacket or jackets. Another thing, if you take to store it the shoulders. Especially if you decorate them according to your taste.

By the way, many quilters choose to decorate this accessory to the things of cloth. That is, sheathe flaps wooden or plastic frame.

In our case, we choose a hanger wire. And for their decoration we will need a few sets of beads of large size. Choose so that the bead hole was large enough for wire to be strung.

Well and further — a trick. The hanger is carefully unwound, the wire can not be damaged, and the outlines of a coat hanger should be preserved well enough otherwise, then to gather it is problematic.

Now take selected beads and start stringing. In our case, the master used coloured beads and white, alternating them in one. The result is a very nice low.

Now collect the shoulders back. And to secure the last bead on the edge of a coat hanger from the hook, take the hot glue. So you secure all the beads in their place, and they don't try with time to escape.

Here, in General, and all you have in the wardrobe there are new, or even better to say, the updated hangers for favorite things. By the way, they are very elegant and attractive. So that way you can make baby hangers, involving the upgrade process and the child.

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