Monogram is a combination of letters of the name. Usually, these characters have signed personal documents, letters, marked embroidery or even patterns. Today we will teach you to do the monogram bead or beads.

Monogram bead or beads


Subsequently, this type of product can be presented as a gift to a loved one, making a monogram, which will contain the first letter of his name or surname.

To work you will need or large beads, or beads, thin wire and thicker wire. By the way, the choice of the latter should be treated more responsibly. It should be a rather thick, flexible, and durable. And at the same time, it is better not to take the usual electrical wire with insulation. Although, maybe you will like to work with them. So, you can try.

First we need to determine the future shape of the monogram. If it's just one letter, there's nothing difficult. Take a thick wire and form the letter out of it. So it is more smooth and neat, you can make pre-sketch with pencil on paper. And after that, guided by painted lines, to create the desired letter.

Later in the course will beads or beads. Fasten a thin wire on the workpiece, strung her bead, and fasten the wire already with a bead on the workpiece. So gradually, step by step fill with beads or beads of the workpiece around the perimeter.

At the end of the form of a thin wire in a small loop so that you can later monogram to fix anything. In this case, the author uses a bead monogram for registration cards. You too can use this idea to decorate a gift, or to complement it. But, in some cases, and itself is beautiful card a good gift, especially if you made it with your own hands.

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