Digress a little from the holiday hustle and bustle and take a look in your Shoe wardrobe. It is the time to undertake audit, and to hide all the junk until better times. Sure you have got simple flip flops that have faithfully served you in the summer. Why not make them homemade variant shoes? Moreover, we offer you a way to decorate them and turn them into original Slippers.



In the future, closer to the summer, so you can decorate and flip flops intended to March on the street.

You will need: flip flops, very simple, which you can find in the store or in your closet, satin ribbon (should not be taken too wide, it will be awkward to reel) many different beads and beads.


To begin with, you should secure bought the tape at the thin strap. Further already a trick – wind the strap of our feed, is not yet fully fit. Add to the center, between the straps some more rows, they will serve as a field for embroidery.


And then begin to broaden our product as prompt fantasy. Remember, we mentioned about the style of friform in the beading world? Here is the same – use beads of different sizes, different styles of embroidery (what will be comfortable, but it is better without fanaticism) and form the finished product.


Small tip: to make the embroidery look more profitable, use a satin ribbon to match the color of flip flops to the color does not distract attention from the main creative work with beads. Yes, and the beads and the beads better to choose a not particularly bright, but contrasting colors (if Slippers are not white), too much variation in color, if it is wrong to arrange his appearance, can make your Slippers too tasteless. So, measure good all the same applies to our favorite things – beading.


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