Earrings "Sugar beads"

Hits:848 Modern jewelry

Product weight: earrings (pair) — 11.3 gram Materials silver earrings — 2 pieces; gold wire with a memory of large diameter single round; T — shaped silver clove (pins) — 2 pieces; jump rings silver...

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Earrings, necklace, bracelet "Breathing space" - Hand miracle

Hits:801 Modern jewelry

Product weight: earrings (pair) — 10.8 grams, necklace — 12.4 grams, bracelet is 16.2 grams. Materials   silver earrings — 2 pieces; silver memory wire with large diameter is 1.5 revolution; silver memory...

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Earrings and pendant "Ancient tales"

Hits:869 Modern jewelry

Product weight: earrings (pair) - 17.9 grams pendant 19.9 grams Materials silver earrings — 2 pieces; silver memory wire with large diameter is 1.5 revolution; silver memory wire with a small diameter and a...

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Earrings and pendant "Amethyst rain"

Hits:818 Modern jewelry

Product weight: earrings (pair) — 5.4 grams pendant 12.7 grams. Materials silver earrings — 2 pieces; silver memory wire with a small diameter — round 2; T —...

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Supplement the cameo beads and bicone

Hits:1502 Modern jewelry

The cameo itself looks very interesting, but a similar rim bead only accentuate her beauty and make her more expressive. Decorate and complement the cameo In fact, the...

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Funny earrings

Hits:1027 Modern jewelry

Here are the earrings is not difficult to do, and they will be very interesting to look at your ears. Earrings in the shape of a fan   You...

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How to decorate a cell phone case

Hits:895 Modern jewelry

For fans of rockadelic, we offer this idea to decorate the cover, for mobile phones. Decorate cover for iPhone   This is all done very easily and quickly. There...

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A ring of beads and bicone Swarovski

Hits:831 Modern jewelry

This ring will look quite impressive and attractive evening outfit. This ornament is a festive option than everyday. But, meanwhile, these products have to be in the box every lady...

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Earrings of blue faceted bicone

Hits:860 Modern jewelry

These original earrings are most reminiscent of a bouquet of blue spring flowers. Very fresh color, and interesting idea for decorations. We invite you to make them with us. ...

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Earrings Valentine's Day

Hits:887 Modern jewelry

Continue the heart theme, and prepare the earrings with the hearts. To make them is not difficult, so you have every chance to Shine at the festival, especially if you...

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Manicure with beads

Hits:964 Modern jewelry

It would be wrong to overlook the fact that the beads used to create a unique manicure. So today we offer you for inspiration small pictures of the designs, which...

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Long earrings

Hits:804 Modern jewelry

Earrings of this type can be of different shapes, and are perfect for the evening as well. Moreover, properly chosen earrings will add femininity and charm. So fill up a...

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Earrings of beads

Hits:863 Modern jewelry

Earrings — an integral attribute of any outfit. Emphasize long thin line neck, and a shorter grace abalone. In any case, it is better to have in the wardrobe of...

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Fashionable earrings in the form of a horse's head

Hits:791 Modern jewelry

Horse — an animal not only wise, but also very beautiful. No wonder her image is often used in jewelry. And if you want to do here are some great...

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Another ring of beads

Hits:854 Modern jewelry

This product will be a great addition to any pendant which, incidentally, can be made using the primary motive of this ring. Bole so that it will be easy. So...

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Jewelry for mom

Hits:911 Modern jewelry

Today we will make an original pendant in the form of a nest egg. It will be a great gift for mom for any occasion. Moreover, all of what we're...

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Mosaic earrings Wave

Hits:867 Modern jewelry

These earrings will be a nice addition to your jewelry box beaded jewelry. Moreover, they are made in the beloved and of a familiar technique – peyote stitch. So, we...

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Earrings made of faceted bicone

Hits:835 Modern jewelry

Another very interesting option of earrings that you can do with your hands. Earrings made of faceted bicone You will need a few pieces of chain, wire working...

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Embroidered beaded clutch bag

Hits:828 Modern jewelry

A clutch is a small handbag envelope without handles. Convenient thing that could not be more perfect to complete an evening outfit. So what if some of your accessories not...

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Unusual earrings spike

Hits:803 Modern jewelry

Not so long ago shops that sell the beads and beads, there are unusual options that are very similar to spikes. Of course, they are not made of metal but...

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Ring round element

Hits:802 Modern jewelry

So, today we will make a ring that will look great in combination with one of the bracelets, which we did earlier. Ring beaded   And so, our bracelet...

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Ring with flower

Hits:854 Modern jewelry

Continue summer themed decorations. Today we offer you make here is a bright summer ring. How to make a beaded ring   This decoration is easy to do. Materials...

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A beautiful ring from Rivoli

Hits:869 Modern jewelry

Very massive and at the same time elegant decoration, made of Rivoli and bicone. Ring with Rivoli and bicone Swarovski You will need a 10 mm Rivoli, bicone...

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A ring of beads and wire

Hits:832 Modern jewelry

And we're back to products that are made not only beads, but also wire. The combination of these two materials make really awesome decorations. A ring of wire...

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Weave a simple round earrings

Hits:795 Modern jewelry

To weave these earrings is quite simple, the principle of weaving was observed by us in other articles, so that you will understand is not difficult. Round earrings...

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Jewelry from beads and safety pins

Hits:869 Modern jewelry

Beaded jewelry is very popular now, Teens often make themselves baubles, women and girls wear the bracelets, earrings and necklaces made in the technique of beadwork. In this article...

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Gerdan beaded "Fairy flower"

Hits:949 Modern jewelry

Gerdan, the ancient Slavic jewellery in the form of a loop of woven or openwork bead tape. Modern versions of forgotten decoration sandalo new colors.   Material: crystal beads...

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The bracelet made safety pins and beads

Hits:800 Modern jewelry

After reading this article you will be able to do here is the original decoration from safety pins and beads: You will need about 30 pins, thick wire, beads (optional -...

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