Snowflake bead and bicone ❄

Hits:851 Christmas decoration ?

The new year is already behind us, but winter themes will remain relevant for a long time. So we offer you here a motive in the form of cute snowflakes...

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A Christmas tree made from safety pins and beads ?

Hits:827 Christmas decoration ?

We are with you, remember, I made bracelets out of safety pins and beads. The principle of operation is extremely simple that does not interfere with the finished product to...

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Original key chain star charm

Hits:750 Christmas decoration ?

We continue to create gifts and decorations for Christmas theme. Today we offer you now this original key ring. It was created in the shape of a star, and using...

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How to make adorable snowflake ❄

Hits:762 Christmas decoration ?

Snowflakes – a constant attribute of the New year. What they are amazing, airy, delicate. All the epithets are not listed. And how difficult it is to repeat their form...

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Christmas toy beaded ?

Hits:740 Christmas decoration ?

Continue the new year theme and continue to create snowflakes own hands from beads. Today we offer you here a fairly simple version of the Christmas decorate your Christmas tree...

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Christmas tree ornament ?

Hits:718 Christmas decoration ?

Continue making crafts for the new year holiday. And we have on the agenda a new ornament for the green beauty in the form of leaves, which are often used...

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Christmas tree beaded ?

Hits:768 Christmas decoration ?

And this variant will be a perfect addition Christmas tree decorations. Or, such a tree can be successfully used when decorating the home for the New year. In General, you...

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Exquisite Christmas decoration ?

Hits:822 Christmas decoration ?

In order to manufacture a necklace today, you will also need knowledge of working with tools. We have encountered them, so that the occupants of the site should not have...

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Braided beaded snowflakes ❄

Hits:744 Christmas decoration ?

I snuck a November, and that means that until the New Year less than 2 months. It's time to start preparing for this great celebration. And we will begin, perhaps...

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Snow starlet bead ❄

Hits:726 Christmas decoration ?

This asterisk can serve as a worthy ornament of the interior. Or part of carnival costume. It all depends on your imagination. In General, similar motifs, and a star bead...

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Christmas balls with their hands beaded ?

Hits:705 Christmas decoration ?

New year Christmas balls with your hands transformed in the air. To do this, weave a snowflake on the wire and squeeze the volume of a sphere, also weave...

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Christmas balls beaded ?

Hits:761 Christmas decoration ?

Materials: Golden, white, silver and green beads wire balls with a diameter of 3 cm ribbons  Execution: To get the Christmas balls from beads, Fig. 1 weave chain-belt of 6 diamonds. On the middle wire follow...

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Christmas decorations on the principle of fullerenes ?

Hits:795 Christmas decoration ?

Introducing invented by the author of the article the original method of weaving toys beaded — three-dimensional, hollow, without a frame inside. Who are interested in beads, surely knows how to...

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