The so-called wreath, which we're doing tonight. Why the winter? Yes, because the main color is cool blue, and blue. The true colors of winter. Although, nothing prevents you to use other shades to the winter's tale turned into a bright summer. But first, you need to look carefully at the diagrams of leaves and flowers, which will make a garland of beads.


So to work we will need the usual beads and cutting various colors. In our case, again, the colours blue and cyan, but you can take the green, yellow, orange. In addition, we need a wire of different diameter, very thick for the base of the wreath, and fine weaving details.

It all starts with forming a circle of the required diameter for the wreath. It will consolidate the disparate parts to make a fluffy wreath.

First, weave twigs from cuttings. Here under this scheme.

It turns out that a piece of paper. To hide the wire, wind it with thread of suitable colors, you can secure the yarn with the help of transparent glue, PVA, for example.

From the regular round beaded weave the same branch under the scheme.

Here's what the result is.

Dark blue felling make another branch with leaves, but here on such a scheme. The wire stem is masked in exactly the same way, using thread of suitable color.

Next, execute a small element of beads. This little flower will add a composition.

And a big bead in the form of droplets are fixed on the wire with the beads. Strung on a bead wire and a bead, and then return the wire back into the bead without bead. And after that, under the bead crosses the ends of the wire to another bead strung.

As another decorative element, it is possible to braid bead. In principle, you can follow the directions given below and you can look on the website, we have several ways of braiding the beads beads.

That's the amount of detail depends on the size of the future wreath. Once the details are ready, connect them, screwing a wire ring. Decorative wreath is ready.

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