We have already done a lot of different pleasant things that help you to complement your look. It's time to talk about how to keep them. By the way, to make a nice looking panel for storing earrings is very simple, especially if you have an old frame from the pictures.

Frame for storing earrings


Usually, the earrings are in regular boxes, which is not very convenient. They can get complicated between them, so that you understand this tight bundle of not damaging anything, it will be Oh how difficult. So, to storage of finished products, too, should be approached very responsibly. Especially if you value your time and man-made feats.

So, as mentioned above, we need an old frame from the picture and a small piece of canvas, suitable for the size for this frame. Everything else — business equipment.

Take a prepared canvas and customize it strictly according to the size of the frame. Then take the glue can get hot, and you usually, in General, will do any that you have at hand. And glue the fabric to the back side of the frame.

Frame for storing earrings

In General, this is all the work completed. 15 minutes and you have a great Board where you can pin your recently made earrings. So they are not lost, not confused, and to choose a suitable for your outfit a couple will be much easier as they are all you have in mind.

This is one of many ways to store hand made jewelry. So if you only plan to start their career, or already have a large stock of hand-made earrings, this article is for you. Look how neat and looks elegant ready frame, in fact it can become a addition of your interior, not just to perform the function of Keeper of the ornaments. It all depends on your approach to this matter. So, have a great creative achievements in the world of beads and beads.

Frame for storing earrings

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