Lovely Sakura

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Good day to all lovers and lovers of beadwork! You know, it happens that many throw their hobby, even if it is a favorite occupation for the hands and soul...

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Flowering tree from beads with their hands

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Make flowering tree from beads with their hands and you will not regret it, because in front of you in any weather and time of year will stand evergreen...

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Acacia.The wood bead.

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For its production will need : 1. beads green color No. 10 , 40 - 50 grams. 2. wire 50 cm thick aluminum, and a coil of...

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You need green beads with holes of different sizes -a long, narrow rail -3 spools metal wire brown vase for bonsai -fast dry...

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Snowy tree

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You need -beads of white color - white and transparent flowers in the shape of stars -galvanized wire white -semi-rigid rods vase for bonsai...

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Classic bonsai

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You need about 100 g of beads of a round or oblong shape color: yellow ochre as well as green, brown and dark beige colors ...

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Tree with candles

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You need - seed beads, dark green, white, red and Golden colors -semi-rigid rods - galvanized wire green or brown 1. Take a piece of wire...

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You need -beads are green and cobalt-blue -thin wire brown -semi-rigid rods low vase for Bon-SAI -moss -silicone Make 170-180 green leaves, consisting of loops 7 beads each. At the...

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